Announcing Mark Coleman's New Book!
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm very excited to announce the release of my latest book, “Time to Trust: Mobilizing Humanity for a Sustainable Future.”

Trust is essential to all human interactions. Since releasing my 2012 book, “The Sustainability Generation: The Politics of Change and Why Personal Accountability is Essential NOW!” trust in business, government, religion, science and technology, and personal relationships has been critically challenged.

Amid spy-scandals, a global financial crisis, social and environmental challenges, and intensifying geo-political concerns, distrust has seeped deep into our personal lives. The issue has become too big for us to ignore.

We are living in an era of tremendous change and challenge, distinguished by mounting cynicism and distrust. The escalating lack of trust throughout all facets of society is weighing down the collective ambition and potential of our generation. To rise above this challenge we need to rediscover the power within, and rebuild, trust

Time to Trust is deliberate call to action to reinvigorate and mobilize a generation of trust stewards that lead with integrity, ethics, and authenticity.

I encourage you to buy 3 copies of Time to Trust:
  • A copy for yourself
  • A copy for someone you love
  • A copy for someone you want to make amends with
My new book is a conduit for opening up dialog on trust, a means for people to reflect, heal, grow, and strengthen their relationships with each other, and within society.  

Time to Trust includes:
  • The Foundation of Trust
  • The Trust Triggering Event
  • Trust in an Era of Big Brother, Big Data, and Big Problems
  • Trusting Power
  • Trust in Technology, Innovation, and Investing
  • The Trusted Generation: Time to Trust Ourselves, Again
Thank you for your continued support and unwavering trust in my ability to tackle tough topics like trust, accountability, and sustainability with a sense of purpose and passion.   

All the best,

Author, "Time to Trust" and "The Sustainability Generation"
President, Convergence Mitigation Management (CMM)
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Please check out the release of my latest book,
Time to Trust: Mobilizing Humanity for a Sustainable Future

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The world is rapidly changing, it's Time to Trust!
Praise for Time to Trust
Trust is foundational to collaboration. And collaboration is essential to tackle the complex environmental, economic and social challenges in the 21st century. Polarization and the mindset that you win by making others lose creates gridlock at best and undermines our ability to inspire solutions based efforts. Mark’s call for action to build and invest in trust-based relationships across diverse interests is timely and powerful.
Gordon Lambert, Executive Advisor Sustainability and Innovation, Suncor Energy Inc.
Finding common ground on sustainable solutions is increasingly difficult in a time of partisanship and decreasing trust. In Time to Trust, Mark Coleman provides a compelling case for individuals and corporations to break established habits that reinforce distrust, and instead take responsibility for building lasting and resilient trust necessary for a sustainable future.  

John Lovenburg, Environmental Vice President, BNSF Railway
Horace Mann, founder of Antioch College, said to the first graduating class in 1859, "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." There is no challenge greater than winning a sustainable future for humanity. Today, Antioch University remains steadfast in our fidelity to inspire and enable our graduates to win victories for humanity. Mark Coleman's Time to Trust inspires all of us to translate our personal responsibility toward mobilizing all of humanity in service to that end.  

Stephen B. Jones, PhD, President of Antioch University New England (AUNE)
In this age of abundant information, the integrity of humanity has never been so at risk. Mark Coleman eloquently explains the need to restore authenticity and transparency to sustain not only our earth’s resources but also our connection to each other. Time to Trust presents phenomenal insight as to what it will take to create a positively engaged generation of problem-solvers.  

Britt Hysen, Editor-in-Chief of MiLLENNiAL Magazine
We are at an epochal moment of change. The most dangerous words any leader can utter these days are 'we are going to do things the way we have always done them'. That simply is no longer going to work. Our familiar institutions are crumbling and, as we build new ones, we need to rely on each other even more. We are jumping off a cliff into a whole new world and trust is all we have to determine whether we land softly together into a new world or by ourselves into an abyss. Mark Coleman outlines the foundations for building most human of all needs: mutual trust.  

John Zogby, Founder, The Zogby Poll
Developing and maintaining trust will be essential as we attempt to balance the world’s growing resource needs with the necessity of economic and social justice and the survival of the ecosystems on which life depends. Before this trust may be achieved, key issues such as the information asymmetry between those making development decisions and those who are affected by them must be addressed. Mark Coleman’s book is a thoughtful reflection on this and many other factors that influence the establishment and growth of trust.  

Paul Bugala, Senior Sustainability Analyst, Calvert Investments
Trust is the foundation of relationships … Mark Coleman does an outstanding job of outlining what trust means to us as a society, as parents, as marriage mates, and as co-workers.  Without trust, we are all doomed to fail – we have seen that countless times throughout history and today.  With trust, humanity has an opportunity to rebuild itself into a sustainable civilization driven by uncompromising morals and respect for each other.   

Erica Hernandez Cornier
It's Time to Trust!

"Trust is the most powerful and destructive of human bonds. Trust is the ultimate building block of business, interpersonal, and spiritual relationships. Trust is essential to our survival and to our success."

- Mark Coleman, Author, Time to Trust
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The world is rapidly changing, it's Time to Trust!