Call of Duty: Signaling Your Distress Blog

Most pleasure boats, no matter the size, can be customized by adding a VHF radio onboard. These radios are not designed to play the latest hit songs, but to allow boat captains to monitor Channel 16. This is the channel used to signal if your boat is in distress (i.e., sinking or undergoing some other kind of drastic emergency).


Meet the New Wellcraft 355

Wellcraft is making a statement with the upcoming launch of its new 355, set to officially debut at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in October 2022. Wellcraft has taken a huge step in a new direction: this new boat is brawny, sleek, powerful and, with its triple outboards, super fast.

Fay’s Boat Yard is an authorized Wellcraft dealer, so stop by and let us tell you about the all-new 355.


Rental Requirements

• Operator is responsible for any damage to the boat
• Operator must obey NH State Marine laws
• Boats rented overnight must be kept in a safe area
• Customer pays for gas used
• Must be 21 years old
• $125 late fee will be applied for every ½ hour pass
return time.


Semper Paratus: Boat Kits for Safety

It’s the motto of the U.S. Coast Guard: Semper paratus, or “Always prepared.”

It’s also not a bad operating philosophy for boaters, even if your boating takes place on a quiet lake or pond, and not out on the raging deep.

Part of being always prepared is to plan for the worst that can happen whenever you are out boating, and have resources on hand to deal with those situations. That means having a Boat Kit fully stocked and stored away on board to deal with any and all emergency situations.


Should I Get a Survey for My Boat?

When one buys a home, it’s very common for the buyer to contract with a home inspector to find possible maintenance issues that exist, or may need attention down the road. When you purchase a new or previously owned boat, this process is called a boat survey, and it’s very similar.

Our customers frequently ask: Do I need to hire a boat surveyor? The benefits of having a survey done can be worthwhile.


The process of selling your boat can be stressful, but you can trust that our team will make this easy for you. There’s no better time than right now to see how our services can benefit you.

Give us a call or complete our appraisal form to get started!


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