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Good Earth is a locally owned produce and garden center that specializes in providing the freshest and tastiest local fruits, veggies, clean meats, eggs and dairy from local farmers. We also support local bakers, families and artisans by selling amazing breads,  casseroles, sweets, oils, jarred goods, dried goods, soaps, candles and oh so much more! Over the years, our faithful customers have repeatedly requested non-local produce that cannot be grown in our area, so we provide these products too. This time of year, you'll find our greenhouse full of gorgeous houseplants and succulents, from the classics you know and love to incredibly unique varieties you won't find anywhere else. You can get almost anything else on-line or at the big box stores, but get the freshest produce and most beautiful plants right here at Good Earth. Come see how we've grown!

Keep a healthy blood pressure by cooking at home!
Cynthia F Catts,  RD, LD

Everyone knows that there is a link between sodium intake and blood pressure. What you might not know is that more than 70% of your sodium intake comes from food prepared outside the home--ordered in a chain restaurant or bought in a package. (Here at Good Earth, our prepared sandwiches and salads do not have added sodium and our casseroles and quiches are made from fresh, simple ingredients). Cooking with simple, healthy ingredients is the biggest dietary step you can take toward lowering your blood pressure. While you're at it, look for sources of potassium, a mineral found in many fruits and veggies, especially sweet potatoes, bananas, spinach, and avocados. Increasing your potassium intake can help to lower your sodium level and thereby lower your blood pressure.

Strive to do more meal prep and home cooking. Let us help you with the freshest produce, eggs, meats, nuts, and dairy around!!
The Farmer's Market
Eating Well When Life Gets Busy

Spring is right around the corner, and if you're anything like us, your to-do list is growing faster than a dandelion in a flower bed.  Remember January, when the hours stretched endlessly into the distance, and you could spend all afternoon working on one pot of soup? Well, folks, it's March, and perhaps cheap, quick, and dirty is calling your name a little bit louder these days. Step away from the golden arches! Take our nutritionist's advice, and do your health a favor by saying no to conventional fast foods, whether it's in a restaurant or in a box. Instead, come to Good Earth! If you have a little time to spare, let us do the meal prep for you and grab some fresh spiralized squash, diced peppers, cored brussel sprouts, or chopped broccoli florets. We prep our produce daily in-house (thanks, Bob!), so you know it's super fresh. If your time budget is a little tighter, no problem! We have a mouth-watering selection of frozen quiches, casseroles, and savory pies, all made locally with fresh, simple ingredients you can pronounce. We love the chicken pot pie, Greek quiche, and chicken poppy seed casserole, to name a few. Pair it with one of our pre-made salads (and a slice of cake, anyone?), and meal time is taken care of! 
Our Greenhouse
Spring is Springing in the Greenhouse!

You've been beating down the greenhouse door, demanding your spring bedding plants, your flowering annuals, and your vegetable starts, and the needs of the people do not go unheard! The first round of bedding annuals and perennials will be in this weekend for your gardening pleasure, and I'm sure we're as excited as you are. We'll have your beautiful foliage, like coleus, creeping Jenny, dracaena spikes, hostas, and lamb's ear. We'll have cheery blooming flowers, like pentas, Mexican heather, salvia, calibrachoa, and a few early petunias. We'll have some fun perennials like Eucalyptus, lavender, and butterfly bushes! If you're ready to start your vegetable garden, you'll be able to find several popular varieties of tomatoes, as well as broccoli and collards. If you're in the mood for flowers, but not quite in the mood for planting, choose a hanging basket filled with dragon wing begonias, SunPatiens, or sweet double impatiens. And, lest we forget the star of the springtime show, geranium baskets and pots are here, and they are stunning! With plenty of early color and covered in buds, these stunners are ready to be admired on your porch all season long. Don't forget to pick up some new pottery, a bag of potting soil, and a little fertilizer while you're here! 

Good Earth Produce & Garden Center

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