Wednesday, September , 2019
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New at the Brick Forum: Bedeschi spa
Bedeschi spa, founded in 1908, was one of the first companies in Europe to deal with the construction and development of machines and plants for clay brick industry. After more than 110 years of activity, it is certainly the only one on the market that has maintained the original production sector and the same family ownership, ensuring its customers continuity and maximum reliability. Today, Bedeschi is the only company on the market capable of producing a complete technological line for clay bricks and roof tiles entirely from its own production.

For 20 years, Bedeschi has had a consolidated presence in the USA with two offices, Bedeschi America Inc. in Florida and Bedeschi Mid-West Conveyor in Kansas. This widespread technical-commercial network allows us to offer immediate technical assistance and effective and rapid solutions for every need of the customer as well as complete control over the sourcing process, availability of spare parts and in-depth knowledge of the products.

We look forward to welcoming you at the upcoming Clemson Forum, where our colleagues will be happy to present our know-how, potential and recent projects. Stop by Booth #22 to meet us and learn more about our work.

One of our recent projects concerns in particular a line for setting bricks onto a kiln car with grippers capable of separating each row of bricks automatically based on preset parameters.