Newcastle Chamber Update - July 29 2022
The Directory Is Making A Comeback!
We have had inquiries about getting a new, updated directory out to the community. Well, it is underway and as I’m sure you can appreciate it is a major process getting it organized, printed, and distributed. Historically we have printed 15,000 books and distributed over 10,000 pieces via Canada Post. We are working at getting the membership list updated and have sent notices to anyone in arrears. We will be advising the time frame to ensure your business information is correct and will advise as to the maximum number of characters allowed.

This is a great opportunity to advertise. A $200 full page ad delivered to 10,000 homes via Canada Post equals a cost of .02 cents per household.

To benefit from the member pricing for ads you must be a member in good standing
Member Advertising Rates
Non-Member Advertising Rates
Print-ready files to be supplied by customer or we can develop at an additional cost.
Benefits of in-store shopping
I came across this article and thought it was worth passing on. A lot to consider.
“When it comes to shopping at brick-and-mortar locations, consumers have a plethora of benefits that they cannot find while online shopping. Whether it’s trying on clothes from their favorite retailer or avoiding shipping costs, online vs brick and mortar shoppers experience different benefits, including:
  • Better Customer Service: When a consumer interacts with an employee in person, they can receive better advice and input on the specific product in which they are searching for.
  • Returning Items: Removing items from your shopping cart can be a hassle on a poorly designed website. In some cases, online shoppers have to leave their page to remove an item from their cart. In-store shopping alleviates this hassle by allowing the shopper to physically remove the item. It’s also easier for customers to interact with your return policy when they make returns in store.
  • Interacting with the Product: Another perk of in-store shopping vs online shopping is interacting with the products before making a final purchase. Interacting with items before purchasing helps a customer decide if the product is right for them.
A look At The Future Of In-Store Shopping
Brick and mortar shopping has a long way to go before evolving into an exclusive e-Commerce market. In fact, in-store shopping appears to have a bright future. This suggests brick and mortar will potentially make a comeback. However, most shoppers start by doing online research and following up with an in-store purchase. This helps the shopper investigate the product and find the best deal before committing to buying the item.
It would appear that no matter the future of in-person shopping, there will always be an element of e-Commerce to it. Whether clipping an online coupon or researching directions on a website, brick-and-mortar stores must adapt to this consumer behaviour to thrive in the future.
Online Shopping VS In-Store Shopping
Whether your customers are shopping in-store or online, each type offers its own benefits.
Though there has been an increase in online shopping, many customers still prefer brick and mortar vs online shopping to make their final purchases. It’s important to make sure your business can handle both operations through an omnichannel retail strategy.”
Wishing you all a Safe, Happy and Profitable Summer!!!
Have You Checked Out Our New Website?
Now while you are in there check out your business listing for accuracy. Maybe you want to change or add a contact. Have you added or deleted any services? If you run into any difficulty, contact our webmaster, Brian at:
We strongly encourage you to keep your information on the website current. You can maintain your contact and business description as required. Here are the instructions:
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