Timely Topics- February 2019
Required Dicamba Trainings Offered

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Other trainings can be found at:

Wildlife Program for 4-H Aged Youth Starts in February

Register by calling 620-331-2690
Pre-Plant Corn School set for February 11th

Register Online Here or call 620-724-8233

Industrial Hemp Meeting set for February 12th


Register by calling 620-331-2690
Hazardous Occupation Training (Tractor Safety) set for February 23rd

Register by calling 620-784-5337 

Land Value and Lease Workshop set for March 5th

Register by calling 620-429-3849

4-H Gardening Institute set for March

Register by calling:
Altamont: 620-784-5337
Fredonia: 620-378-2167
Girard: 620-724-8233
Independence: 620-331-2690 
(620) 784 5337
(620) 724 8233
(620) 331 2690
(620) 378 2167