Edwin Hull "Ed" McMullen, Sr. Timeshare Pioneer 1937-2020
Long respected and beloved as one of the timeshare industry's most prolific visionaries and energetic entrepreneurs, Edwin (Ed) Hull McMullen, Sr. RRP passed away peacefully in his Sarasota, Florida home at the age of 83 on April 10, after a brief, unexpected illness not related to the coronavirus. If there is a Timeshare Hall of Fame, he would surely be one of the first inductees. A mentor and genuine friend to many timeshare leaders, Ed's contributions and entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for today's global timeshare industry. He was among the handful of early trailblazers who courageously traversed virgin territory, clearing new pathways and leading the way for others to follow.

If you never knew Ed McMullen, it is important to understand that he is widely recognized as one of the timeshare industry's most inspirational leaders. If you are a timeshare professional today, you probably indirectly owe your jobs and career to his early accomplishments within the timeshare industry.

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