Radical Joy Revealed
January 4, 2017

Radical Joy Revealed is a weekly message of inspiration about finding and making beauty in wounded places. We hope you'll enjoy these doorways into places that are both familiar and surprising, and we welcome your suggestions, stories, and photos. Click here to subscribe. 

Last month, Radical Joy for Hard Times founder Trebbe Johnson posted this 23-second video on her Facebook page, writing:

Two days ago I went outside in a terrible mood--angry about the state of the so-called union, frustrated about my work, wondering why I try so hard with what feels sometimes like no results. And I hadn't been out for one whole minute when I was completely captivated by this marvelous little symphony: snow melting from the roof of the garden shed onto an old garbage can lid and a pile of slushy snow. The world offers amazing gifts if I only pay attention. 

May you be open today for some tiny burst of beauty, just anonymously carrying on with what it does with its life until you happen to come along and notice it.
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Radical Joy for Hard Times is a global community of people dedicated to finding and making beauty in wounded places. Reconnecting with these places, sharing our stories of loss, and making acts of beauty there, we transform the land, reconnect people and the places that nourish them, and empower ourselves to make a difference in the way we live on Earth. 
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