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Tiny Grocery Vending Machine
The refrigerated vender has a following in Washington, D.C.
Swipe your credit card, open the glass door, grab that chicken salad and eat at the office. Easy, fast and satisfying, courtesy of Tiny Grocery. In one year, Tiny Grocery, a provider of a unique fresh food service in Washington, D.C., has secured 50 locations. The company's automated food service, delivered through glassfront, card-controlled machines, complements parent company ScratchDC's four-year-old meal delivery service, which has also been on a rapid growth track.

For owner Ryan Hansan, the expansion from meal delivery service to refrigerated vending was a matter of meeting customer needs. Once customers tasted ScratchDC's locally prepared, refrigerated salads, sandwiches and beverages, they wanted to have them available at their worksites. "We saw a need in the market," Hansan says.  The glass-door refrigerator with card-controlled access provided the obvious solution. ScratchDC already provided the food preparation. "That allowed us to start doing the fresh food vending," Hansan says .  


Parlevel Planogram
The Parlevel calorie disclosure tool lists calorie counts.

Parlevel Systems has introduced a calorie disclosure tool to its vending management solution (VMS). As required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is establishing
requirements for product calorie counts to be displayed on vending machines operated by businesses with more than 20 machines. Parlevel's calorie disclosure tool helps operators adhere to these standards easily and efficiently

Avanti Markets App

Avanti Markets Inc. - the largest independent micro-market provider in the United States - unveils the Avanti Markets App, a mobile app that integrates intuitive functionality, customer-dedicated features, and ultimate convenience. For operators, the Avanti Markets App helps improve one of their most important goals: operating beyond maximum efficiency. Operators are able to improve profitability through offers such as discounts, enable a more meaningful relationship between themselves and market users, and increase interaction with the breakroom market.
For micro market users, the Avanti Markets app facilitates the micro market experience.
The key features micro market users can utilize from the app include:
  • PAY: use the virtual card on the app to make a purchase
  • OFFERS: take advantage of discounts
  • RELOAD: efficiently add payment sources to an account
  • ACCOUNT HISTORY: view previous transactions, including detailed receipts

The InvisiSign uses LED lighting to engage shoppers.
The InvisiSign engages shoppers with LED lighting.
Looking to boost your sales? InvisiSign from FLEx Lighting uses LED technology to engage shoppers at vending machines and micro markets with exciting graphics that inform them about promotions or provide payment instructions. It is made of a clear plastic that illuminates printed graphics.
Photo quality graphics printed on the InvisiSign start glowing when the shopper is within three to 10 feet of the vending equipment. The graphics then fade to become completely invisible, allowing the shopper's eyes to fall on the product behind the sign - all while keeping a clean look for the equipment.  
The operator either sends FLEx Lighting their own artwork or FLEx Lighting creates it based on the operator's instructions. FLEx Lighting provides artwork guidelines in pdf and artificial intelligence formats. 

Parlevel Systems for Micro Markets
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