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Got Chocolate?
Cacao pods from Kuaiwi Farm
Cacao Trees available to start your own chocolate production
or sell to chocolate makers.

 We've special ordered 50 cacao trees to help gardeners and farmers increase production.

Buy one and we'll donate one to a Community Food Forest Project.

Buy ten or more and we'll give you the grower direct price, delivered.

Workshops  available on growing cacao and processing your chocolate.

Hawaii Island is home to award winning chocolate!

Ulu Poke by Sweet Cane Cafe
Growing Food
from Wood
November 9th and 16th

Mushroom Maestro Zach Mermel is back to expand our fungi repertoire.
In this hands-on seminar, discover how to partner with our multi-functional fungi allies on logs and wood chips, and learn how to use an unwanted shrub or tree as a mushroom 'hotel', creating food AND ridding our yards of unwanted stumps. Enroll here.

Learn to grow Shiitake on logs with take home materials, plus receive a starter kit infused with a new strain from Zach: King Stropharia mushroom mycelium.

Workshop fee, including take home materials, $57.

Wednesday, November 9th at Kokolulu Farm, Hawi 
1:30-5 pm

Wednesday, November 16th, at SKEA, Honaunau, 

Enroll here for Mushroom Workshops 

Pollinator Power
Families and Local Schools are joining in the Great Pollinator Hunt - our Jane Goodall Institute Grant is being shared with Kohala Elementary, and Kona Pacific Schools for science materials. Homeschoolers can qualify too.



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  Real Food   
Real Farms

A food system change and resource development initiative 
One Island is hosting events and articles that promote
Real Food . Real Farms 
We are addressing specific resource barriers in order to stimulate Real Change. Things are happening!

See recent article in Kohala Mountain News, October 2016 issue, pg 13

Welcome Back Peter! 
Support your Foodshed!

Transforming Hawaii 
Home is Where the Farm Is 
empowering our farmers to live on the land 
One of the main roadblocks to increasing the local food supply is the lack of farmers farming. Ask any young farmer what they need to farm and they will point to: Land . Water . Housing 
One Island is Championing a  
Conversation to Change Land Use,    
Zoning and Building Requirements

With the support of Representatives Cindy Evans and Chris Lee, and Senators Mike Gabbard, Josh Green and Russell Ruderman, the farm housing challenge is gaining volume in the State conversation about agriculture solutions.

Farm Housing? Change the Law!

Testimonials Invited - Tell us how you think Tiny Homes for Farmers would change Hawaii and Food Production. Easy to use testimony write-in box at bottom of linked page.   

   More Farmers . More Food    

Tiny houses may not need building permits if considered mobile agricultural trailers

Tiny Houses are a cost effective solution to one of the main constraints that hampers our our food system.

All over the US, the Tiny House movement is gaining momentum. When a Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado attracted not the 4,000 anticipated attendees but 40,000 people in 2015, it was a sign the movement ha d arrived.

Let's double local food production 

Here in Hawaii, a State-level bill will have the power to change County zoning and building code requirements and easily result in doubling food production. How? By giving farmers and farm workers an affordable way to live on the land they farm. More workers, more food AND a safer, better quality of life for farm owners and workers.

When farmers' housing and transportation costs are lowered, they won't need the 'other' day job to pay rent on a house in town and this means they'll have more time and resources to farm more food.

Smart Planning . Smart Housing
Smart Farming


See our article in West Hawaii Today about the
HFUU Convention and Tiny House Initiative. 
Loads slowly, please be patient.

Share your vision of the benefits of
Tiny Homes for Hawaii farms.  

Easy to use testimony write-in box at bottom of linked page. 

James Beard Foundation Recognition
Good Food Org 2016 Guide
Same Canoe

One Island and the Same Canoe Local Food Challenge are featured in the national 2016 'Good Food Org' Guide sponsored by the James Beard Foundation. See the guide here.

The Drunken Botanist
with Donna Maltz  
and Dawn Barnett 
at Always in Season Farmstead, Hawi  
Put it on your calendar for Saturday, December 3rd,

Come learn the magic of Mead, Cordials and Herbal Infused Concoctions, just in time for Holiday merriment!
The herbal infusions can be enjoyed in beverages with or with-out alcohol. Class tuition  
$25 per person. $40 with book. 

Sign-up for the class and tastings and you can also pre-order the book to pick up at the class. The instructors' fabled concoctions will also be available for sale as holiday gifts. 

Sweet Cane Cafe, Hilo 
How Do  
Hawai'i's Federal Lawmakers 
Rank on Food Issues?

With the voting season this month, knowing who supports your food interests is valuable information.

Check their score cards here.

Green IS a Verb - Vote for It!

Community Food Forest Legacy

Taking Root

One Island's first Community Food Forest planting is taking place on Sat. Oct. 29th at the Discovery Garden on the grounds of the Kohala Elementary School. 10am-noon. Second planting day is on November 19th in Kealakekua.

Our goal is to help foster a distributed food forest on multiple parcels that helps feed the community in the years to come.

Trees planted will include:
Cacao, Ice Cream Bean, Peanut Butter Bush, Chocolate Sapote, Fig, Banana, plus taro and turmeric as understory partners.

Mahalo Kohala for Donations of legacy trees provided by:
Luz Helena, Theresa Abreu, Kauluwehi Matsuda, Ron Roberts and Joe Green through the Same Canoe Project and by Will Ziolkowski.

November 19th is the second Tree Planting Legacy Day
at the Kona Pacific Charter School in Kealakekua. 10am-noon.

Mahalo Kona for Donations of legacy trees provided by: Tonya Coulter, Harriet Burkholder, Joycreated, Paul Byron, Richelle Paolii, Same Canoe, Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, and Cheryl and Chuck Carden.

Tree donations can be made online or by potted tree contributions. 

Sponsored by One Island, Same Canoe and the Greenschool Programs