Tiny Houses ROCK with ingenuity and resource conservation all around the world. 
And now Tiny Houses are going to rock Hawaii! 

Woo Hoo!!! Tiny House Bill HB2 has been approved by both the Senate and the House in the
Hawaii State Legislature!

On behalf of Hawaii's Farmers and all Lovers of Tiny House Solutions, everywhere :

Mahalo to Representative Cindy Evans, her allies, and the champions of Tiny Houses in the Senate and the House. 

One direct solution to two pressing challenges: affordable farm housing and food security. It makes good sense! 

Over 500 supporters of Tiny Houses have shown up at our meetings and events, and over 135 sent letters of support to their elected representatives. Thank you for helping Hawaii
'carve a new path' benefitting our honored local farmers and
the nationwide Tiny House Movement!!!

What was approved: Tiny Houses under 500 square feet on active, working farms, for those working the land and their immediate families, on the Island of Hawaii, on permanent foundations or mobile trailer bases.

this can revolutionize food production!

Getting the Governor's Support.

We are gathering all of the written comments and letters sent in to our web site and they will soon be sent to Governor Ige.

We welcome you to send in your comments
to be included in the packet he will be sent to encourage his signature approving this change-maker legislation.

Click HERE to post your message of support on the Tiny House Initiative web page. Take part in our democracy by showing your support for this smart affordable housing solution. 

More farm housing = more people farming = more local food = REAL food security.