Awww! Little Zauberball Socks

We thought everybody could use a little sparkle in November.

Here are some enchanting tiny socks (lit up with bitty lights!)

knit with Crazy Zauberball.

In the spirit of Elizabeth Zimmermann

(who wrote very brief suggestions instead of detailed directions),

here’s how to knit tiny socks.

Cast on 36 stitches on three needles.

Knit a cuff for an inch or so.

Knit the leg as long as you want it.

Set aside 18 stitches for the instep.

Knit a heel flap down the remaining 18 stitches.

Turn the heel, pick up along the heel flap,

and knit two gussets to get back to 18 stitches.

Bring the 18 instep stitches back on the needles.

Knit the foot as long as you want it.

Knit a toe.


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with a few Zauberballs to play with?

PS We send a FREE NRS sock pattern with every ball that you order!

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