Please help make our dreams for the wolves come true. Thank you

Meet our newest Angel - the tiny wolf with a big howl


What a difference six months makes! When Angel arrived at Wolf Haven in March from the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, she was underweight, skittish and on many medications. Although given the best care possible, Angel didn't thrive in the public environment. At the zoo she had a companion, but when he passed away, they sought a more suitable home.  
And now? This 11-year old female wolf has bonded closely with her companion T (Tecumseh). She no longer requires a lot of medicine and has gone from four prescriptions (12 pills a day!) to one. Fur is growing back in the area where she pulled it out from stress.
Angel enjoying her first Wolf Haven house specialty - beef loaf

What Made the Difference?

As a sanctuary, Wolf Haven focuses on the well-being and security of each individual wolf. Rather than force a human relationship, the animal is placed with a companion of the opposite sex, given excellent medical attention (focused on preventative care), quality food, enrichment items for stimulation and left alone to be what they are - wolves.

And YOU make this happen.
2020 Wish List

Wolf Haven's recurring animal care expenses are for food, medication, enrichment items, and staffing. But we always look for ways to improve the quality of life for these animals, who through no fault of their own, find themselves living in a captive world.
Help us make these a reality for the 55 animals at our  Tenino, WA sanctuary :
  • Build a utility shelter inside the sanctuary to store emergency items and catch-up equipment. $5,000.
  • Rebuild a shelter pen for two of the red wolves. $7,000.
  • Install a corridor with guillotine gates connecting two enclosures for Mexican wolves. 


McCleery Ranch wolves
McCleery Ranch wolves
And the 34 wolves at our McCleery Ranch in Montana need more space!
  • Additional corridors to not only connect enclosures (which allows for more space) but also for human safety and management purposes. $11,000 each.
  • Additional enclosures that allow us to split up the bigger family groups who have aggression issues.
  • New water system at wolf enclosures. Currently the above ground poly line freezes and we haul water from the house to the wolf enclosures daily, so the wolves have fresh water in winter.
You Make Dreams Happen

But we can't make any of these improvements a reality without your financial support! Your gift can help us make a big difference in the lives of the wolves under our care.

 Please help make our dreams for the wolves come true. Thank you.