The marketing value from a powerful sustainability story has never been as evident as it is in the year 2020.

World leaders are grappling to find solutions to address the climate crisis and we have a solution that can have a meaningful impact.

Our communities, guests, and clients have made their voices heard: the future of our planet matters, and so too do our actions to protect it. Green Key Global will help you can make changes as needed, both small and large, to help close the gap on the climate crisis, while increasing profitability and driving new business to your property.

The Green Key Global suite of programs allows participants to benefit on several fronts – cost savings, increased bookings from environmentally conscious consumers and meeting planners and responsible corporate citizenry. Green Key Global strives to simultaneously educate members on the value these activities have on a broader environmental, social and economic level. In support of this, Green Key conducts on-site verification audits to validate member ratings and also provides a variety of marketing materials to assist members in the promotion of their efforts.

We have set up special partnership promo code for your hotels at a 5% discount for 2020. The code BCHA2020 is entered online at the time of registration.

Contact us to learn more about Green Key Global and to learn how we can bolster your sustainable efforts.