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Need to Modify a Fiberglass Part?
Try some Polyurethane Foam
Liquid, expanding Polyurethane Foam can be great for modifying fiberglass parts!
If you have ever had a fiberglass aircraft part not fit properly , you know the frustration of trying to find a way to make a modification so that it can be saved. Often times it seems that the change needed is so great that it simply cannot be used.

This week's Tip looks at the use of liquid polyurethane foam and how it can provide a means to add shape and new life to fiberglass parts that are in need of modification or repair . Watch the video tip to understand the principle of how this easy to use material is versatile in its ability to create custom shapes for your fiberglass parts ( cowls, wheel pants, fairings , etc)

Foam can be easily sculpted to desired shape
Fiberglass cloth and resin now owns the shape!

Inside your Rotax 2 Cycle Engine
The series of  2 cycle  engines from Rotax were ubiquitous back in the 1980s for powering ultralights and light aircraft. These include the  582 and 503 models as well as others. There are quite a few still in operation today. While some models are not sold anymore, parts are readily available from Rotax and they are continually being rebuilt

Our DVD showing the tear down and examination of the internals of these engines is one of our most popular  titles!
A certified Rotax repair person steps you through the tear down and inspection of the internal parts and discusses their condition. Learn what specialized tools are required for working on these engines.

Did you ever fly behind one?
The basics of Weight & Balance are explained
Understanding the location of a datum
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