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When riveting into Soft Plastics or Rubber, use these Special Rivets
These special Rivets are perfect for Wing Tips and engine Baffling
Some of us have found that using conventional pulled-rivets for softer materials like the plastic, fiberglass and rubber (often used in our homebuilts) is not the best solution. Components like wing tips, caps for the ends of control surfaces and the like are often made up of these non-metal materials. Rivets used for fastening these parts can pull out of the softer materials providing a less than adequate solution.

Watch as we demonstrate a style of rivet that is better suited for these parts. It has a completely different mechanism for gripping the back side and provides a greater surface area that won't pull through.

Better holding power on soft materials
Complete details in Video
The Basics of Fuel Plumbing for Homebuilt Aircraft explained
Our   Fuel system Plumbing DVD   is the perfect way to get up to speed if you are involved with installing a fuel system in a homebuilt aircraft. Even if you are  building a kit  , the details for working with fuel components are  not explained  by the kit manufacturer. Because of engine options and customer's desire for improvements in materials (upgrading rubber to hard line tubing for example)  much is left to the builder  to use good judgement in selecting and implementing proper fuel plumbing parts.

Our DVD explains   the   tools and procedures   for plumbing an experimental aircraft fuel system utilizing:   rubber hose, metal tubing, and high-tech flexible hoses  . Target audience includes those that have never worked with rigid fuel lines and their fittings before! At just $39, this is a great value - Order one today! Press button below for details about this DVD
Rubber or solid fuel lines? Maybe both!
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