Builder Tip #120 from HomebuiltHELP 
How to Choose and Fabricate Coax Cables for your Homebuilt's Radio equipment
You can make custom Coax cables and install the BNC connectors
For many builders, it is mystery time when it comes to making the coax cables that connect the aircraft's antennas to communication radios, ELT, and transponders. A common course of action is to either select a "standard" length from a catalog - or have the cables custom made for a good price by an avionics supplier.

This week's Tip explores the process of choosing between the two popular coax cables: RG-58 and RG-400 and how these products differ. An anatomy of the cable is displayed to help contrast the cable variations.

Then, the method of preparing the cable for termination with BNC connectors is demonstrated. Using a simple tool, the challenging procedure of stripping the cable correctly is made extremely simple! Finally, the BNC connector of choice is crimped onto the cable end. The proper tools for crimping are demonstrated and "where to buy" is discussed.

You can really make your own coaxial cables! Watch and decide for yourself!

Step 1: Choose the best coax type
BNC connectors are crimped on
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Crispy Cedars Private Airfield (7WI8) is located 10 miles West-Southwest of Door County Cherryland Airport (KSUE). It is approved by the Wisconsin Bureau of Aeronautics and the FAA. The registered 60' x 2,000' turf runway is cut to 80' wide, allowing for safe takeoff and landing. It is ideal for the Light Sport category.
 Crispy Cedars Airport
Ident - 7WI8

Elev - 700 Estimated

Runway - 03/21 60' x 2,000' turf

Displaced threshold 400' Rwy 03

Note trees on approach to Rwy 03

CTAF 122.9

Left traffic - TPA 1,700 MSL

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