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What to do with Builders that Will Not Follow their Plans while Building
Building an Aircraft Kit? What happens if you Choose NOT to Follow the Plans?
For most of us, building an aircraft kit demands our focus on making sure everything is assembled correctly - as per the supplied plans and instructions. If we decide to make any changes along the way - they are are probably minor in scope and mostly undetectable at first glance.

For experienced builders, the factory supplied plans are just a foundation for greater things to be created. This week's Tip is an excellent example of observing one builder's accomplishment to this end: taking a well established and familiar kit and modifying both its appearance and functional systems . In particular, a Zenith CH701 kit built by Mark Phillips was transformed into a work of art. The workmanship, creativity, and many operating systems need to be observed to appreciate the result.

Not all of us should deviate from our plans, but this is an example of what can result with the proper skill and creativity. Hats off to Mark - as you will probably agree!

Mark's CH701 Unique aircraft
Old and New instruments on panel
We Have How-to Videos for
building the popular  
CH701 Aircraft kit from Zenith

The fastest way to complete an aircraft kit project is with an instructor guiding each step of the building process. Video demonstrations provide this guidance, saving time and eliminating mistakes. With Zenith's easy to build kits, a step by step video series makes the building fast and stress free.

HomebuiltHELP's video construction series is available for the CH701 STOL model. Whether you are actively building or just evaluating the build process prior to purchasing the kit, the small investment in a DVD series pays a great return in saving you time and peace of mind.

Order one today and see in detail what it takes to succeed in building your own plane!

701 Wing DVD
Demonstration of building each component
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