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How to Leak Test the Pitot-Static system
Are you sure your Pitot-Static system is Leak Free?
Last week's Tip covered the components that can be used to plumb the pitot-static system. This week we look at how we can test the system for leaks . Having even a small leak anywhere along the line of tubing and connectors can result in inaccurate readings from the sensitive instruments that rely on this system. This includes the airspeed, VSI, altimeter and others.

This week's video demonstrates a simple procedure for testing each system using household items and the aircraft's own instruments. Knowing that your pitot and static lines are leak free provides peace of mind and accurate instrument readings. Take a look:

Delicate pressurization of system
Evaluating the pressure over time
Weight & Balance 101 for Homebuilt Aircraft
Completing a homebuilt requires you to calculate and document the  weight & balance figures  for your aircraft.   F  or many builders this task is confusing and complicated -- however,   we have a video to make this task simple and easy to understand.

This DVD is specifically designed to teach the experimental aircraft homebuilder who is not comfortable with weight & balance concepts how to perform the required weight & balance calculations for their aircraft.

There is more to W&B than just filling out your paperwork.  Consider answering the following scenario depicted in the lower picture: If your fully loaded take-off weight is 1500 lbs and after calculations, you need to shift your center of gravity forward by 1.5" to fly safely,  how far forward should you move your 75 lbs of baggage to get the aircraft within limits to fly safely?

This is an example that is presented in this DVD.  Making use of this knowledge is a lot more than a one time paperwork effort!
Weight & Balance terms defined and explained
How to determine the CG range
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