What day would yesterday be if Thursday was four days before the day after tomorrow?

see bottom for details/answer.
What Decade will you come dressed as?
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Whether you donated, volunteered or helped get the word out...WE THANK YOU for making the 2nd annual citywide blood drive a huge success!

For those wondering....(1) ABO Joe is one of our Chamber Ambassadors, Rebecca Gunderson, from Farm Bureau Wealth Management and (2) No, Gordy Erickson is not crying during his eligibility interview.
What a GAS!
Pun intended??? For those that were not able to attend the August luncheon today, we had a blast laughing along with Brenda Elsagher. The comedian and author taught us that humor can be both therapeutic and powerful when dealing with our challenges, big and small. She also talked about the importance of humor in the workplace. It increases creativity, productivity and, yes, SALES! Research shows that if you can get people to laugh during a negotiation/sale, you will increase your closing ratio. Try it!

Brenda is also a colo-rectal cancer survivor and urges everyone over 40 to please get a colonoscopy. It is her life's work and mission to save lives through awareness (and humor!).
A special thank you to our 2019 luncheon series sponsors for allowing us to bring you entertaining and educational connection opportunities like this!
Some great road construction updates from the City!
August 13
Stuff the Bus
4-7pm | Buffalo Wild Wings
Details below

August 14
Deadline to contribute gift to new teacher bags. Details below

August 15
Employers of Excellence Event
8:00am | McColl Learning Center

August 22
Patio Power Hour
4-5pm | B52 Burgers + Brew
Please let me know...
Aria Technology, has agreed to host a Lunch & Learn for any members who would like to get up-to-speed on these big changes, and what your options are.

If you would be interested in attending a one-hour information session this fall, please email krista@lakevillechambercvb.org.
The Chamber will be at BOTH events, promoting LakevilleWorks.org . Reminder that you can post any open positions for FREE on the website. The Chamber promotes it through digital, print, events and social media!
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Also, in response to which is longer, a microwave minute or a treadmill minute...TREADMILL was the overwhelming winner at 60.7%.
Thank you for participating in the fun little poll!
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