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The Congressional Budget Office says by 2028 the debt held by the public will be at the highest level since World War II. A day of reckoning is likely to come when the United States will have to raise taxes or cut benefits and programs that many people have come to rely on — or some combination of both. Many Americans under 50 are likely to face some pain from this, and the under-35 population will likely be especially hard-pressed to pay more to the government while getting back far less than their parents and grandparents did. Spending on everything from Social Security to roads, research and schools could potentially decline. Read more.

It’s more convenient than ever to apply for— or manage your existing—Social Security benefits. And it should be. After working hard your whole life, receiving your Social Security benefits should be the icing on the cake at your retirement party. Applications may be made online, by telephone or in person for: retirement benefits, spousal benefits, Medicare, disability benefits, extra help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs; and, in some cases, supplemental security income. 

Wills provide control over more than money. For people whose children are still minors, the will names guardians. If you haven’t written these decisions down, the government will make money and custodial decisions itself. You’ll be beyond caring by then, but why not do what you can ahead of time to see that the assets get distributed as you’d like? Read more.
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Team Treece Welcomes Harshita Kalra
as our Client Relations Specialist

Harshita is responsible for administration, special events, and certain aspects of marketing with a focus on growing the company’s enterprise and offering state-of-the-art service to our clients. 

Harshita brings to this position a successful track record of seven years of recognized achievements within the events industry. Harshita holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Delhi and an MBA in Marketing from the National Institute of Management Solutions. 

Enthusiasm, hard work, and personalized service go into everything she does. She is originally from India and lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for three years before moving to Miami. Some of her hobbies include playing badminton, traveling, and practicing astrology.
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