My Friends,

I hope you've been following along with my tips for surviving disruptive times. I have two new tips to share with you today and if you need to catch up on any of the first seven tips I've shared so far, you can check them out online. Here are this week's tips:
Tip #8: Keep Laughing
Joy is healing. It's how we feel when things are right. In disruptive times it's easy to feel like everything is wrong so anything we can enjoy helps to bring a sense of healing. We often think we are victims of our circumstances but that is linear thinking and we live in a circular world. Even in painful times we can find a funny joke, a lighthearted comedy or some joyful worship to help prompt us toward healing. Laughter reminds us of what we long for in heaven when everything will be put right. So keep laughing!

Tip #9: Give Thanks
If you take 3-5 minutes each morning to give thanks for everything from big to small, it will change your life. Our world teaches us to think critically which often means thinking negatively but what is brilliant is to look past what is wrong and see what is right. If I go out into my yard and focus on the dead branch that needs to be cut off my orange tree rather than seeing all of the ripe, tasty fruit awaiting me, I miss out. If you start by giving thanks each day, you'll discover more oranges on your tree.
Before I go, I also want to share this video message about generosity for those who may have missed it last week. I want to thank you for your continued giving over this past year and encourage us as a team to continue pressing in to generosity throughout 2021. Together we can further advance the kingdom of God.

Keep shining,
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