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  • Message from the President
  • Virtual Summer Leadership Training
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President's Message
Dear PTA Leaders,

It Takes a Village

It takes a village to raise a child is one of my favorite sayings. It is an African Proverb that means when the entire community of people works together, children grow and develop in a safe and healthy environment. It is my belief that PTA is a natural vehicle to creating that village.

Why? PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children . We achieve our mission through living our values of collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect, and accountability.

We are living in a world of crisis. It is more important than ever that we come together as a community and the PTA plays a critical role. Yes, we are living in challenging times. The transition to virtual learning has been painful and not without cost. As we look to the future, most immediately school in the fall, I encourage you to embrace the changes with as much grace as possible. Bring your community together. People look to their leaders in times of crisis and your actions and your words will trickle down to help shape their approach and feelings to our shared situation.

PTA creates the village. PTA keeps the village together, working toward the common goal of raising our children and providing them the tools for success. We educate our families by sharing information about what is going on not only in our school, but also in FCPS, in Virginia, in our country, and sometimes the world. We empower our families by teaching them how to advocate for their child, for their school, or FCPS, our state, our country and again, even the world. We engage our families by keeping them connected to each other, by creating, welcoming, and expanding our village. We are inclusive to all families, to all children, and we work hard to welcome everyone into our PTA village.

Together, we can use this crisis as an opportunity to reset what it means to be PTA. We were founded over 120 years ago to better the lives of every child in education, health, and safety. Nowhere in our vision, mission, or values is fundraising mentioned. It will be okay if PTA looks different next school year and it will be okay if fundraising is less or even non-existent. Our most important work is creating and maintaining our villages so that our children thrive.

I encourage you to lift your communities. Be the voice for our children. Create your village. Water your village. Help our children bloom.

Take care, stay healthy, be well.

Kara Jenkins,
FCCPTA President
Virtual Summer Leadership Training

In response to COVID-19 concerns, Summer Leadership Training (SLT) has been revamped and expanded into Virtual SLT featuring more than 25 PTA workshops geared towards helping PTA leaders ready and steady their PTAs for the 2020-21 school year. 

There are many advantages to virtual training including:

  • Easy to access and convenient
  • No cost for attendance
  • Less time away from family

We hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity to participate in this no cost, easy-to-access PTA leadership development and advocacy training.

Virtual SLT runs from June 6 - August 8. 

Time to update your
PTA's Officer List
Update your PTA's officer list with VAPTA even if there were no changes this year. The update is required each year to ensure you continue to receive PTA communications. More information can be found HERE .
Virtual Events Survey
Please take a few minutes to complete this SURVEY about popular PTA/PTSA events and the feasibility of moving them to a virtual platform.
Stand Up and Be Counted

Don't miss your chance to be counted. There is still time to complete the 2020 Census. Responses to the Census are confidential and by law cannot be used against you or shared with any other government agency. Learn why the census matters at .

Virtual Platform Survey

In this age of virtual meetings and events, online meeting platform use has skyrocketed. Please use this comparison chart to help choose the best fit for your PTA needs.
Need anything? We’re here to help!

Kara Jenkins,
Shawna Garrett,
La Guardia Myers,
Larry Mills,
Hamid Munir,
Michelle Leete ,
Jaime Yarussi,
Brett Fox,