Tips and Tricks for Home Staging with Art

Home staging with art is incredibly important. It makes the space more personalized and ties the colors and warmth of the room together. Have you ever walked into a living room and saw two or three pieces of art or pictures on the wall above the sofa. They were hung in no particular pattern, too high or far apart from each other, mismatched frames, colors and styles. Many of the homes I have staged have this problem throughout the house. After all, homes are for living in and there are usually many emotions tied to the pieces we put up. The art could have been handed down for generations from our families or our budding child artist is developing her style at school and we received the art as a gift. Perhaps we loved the artwork we purchased never giving a thought to its size or whether it matched the other colors in the room. We might even have rooms with high ceilings and just placed them halfway up the wall never realizing that most people could barely see the art because it was placed higher than their heads.
eck out our staging with art tips below.  

  1. Hang a large piece of art on a large wall and one small piece on a small wall.
  2. Place similar smaller pieces of art in an interesting grouping. Placing four rectangular pieces of art on top of each other, gives the illusion that this bathroom's focal point is of one piece of artwork in sections.  
  3. Get rid of outdated, cheap, ugly art and replace it with more contemporary art. Even updating the frame of this picture can make a big difference as well as centering the piece of art above the sofa instead of adding the small picture at the end.
  4. Hang your art properly. Measurement rules for hanging art:

  • The middle of the picture should be 58 to 64 inches from the floor.
  • If your ceilings are higher, aim for the 64 inches from the floor.
  • Hang art 6 to 8 inches above the back of the sofa.
  • Art in groupings should first be laid out on the floor. Make a template of each frame by tracing it on a piece of paper. Then tape them on your wall in the same pattern. Aim to keep the middle of the grouping of pictures somewhere between 58 to 64 inches from the floor.
  • Make sure there is a minimum of 6 inches to the edge of a wall. If it starts touching the door frame, the art is too big for the spot.
  • When placing several pieces of art vertically as in the bathroom picture, lie the pictures on the floor with the desired space in between each. Measure the bottom of the lowest picture to the top of the highest one. Find the middle and make sure it falls into the range of being 58-64 inches from the floor.

5.Watch where you hang your art!

  • Don't hang paper prints or water color paintings in your bathroom or in places with high humidity.
  • Don't hang art in direct sunlight as it can cause the art to fade or change colors.
  • Hang artwork framed in glass or Plexiglas away from the reflection of outside light as this will make seeing your art difficult. The light will reflect off of your artwork. For staging purposes, I remove the glass so the picture is clear when the photographer photographs the property.
  • Don't hang your important art near water sources where it can get splashed on or where kids are bound to touch it or can damage it. Sometimes having more kid friendly (washable art work) can keep an area of the house looking its best.
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