April 4-17
Tips and Tricks

Tech Tip: I have been supporting technology since 1985 and have witnessed many changes. Computers started out as glorified word processors and evolved into devices we use every day without even thinking about it. Computers and their components are in your car, at the gas pump, in a cash register, they even exist as a chip on your credit card or in your dog or cat. Much has changed since then and it got me thinking about how I have changed in how I use technology. I have always had a Mac desktop computer. In fact, I still have my Mac SE sitting under my desk which was the first Mac I ever purchased. I used that thing constantly until it was replaced by the next new model of Macintosh. I currently have a Mac Mini with an Apple Cinema Display which sits alone and unused most of the time. I find that I hardly use it anymore. My go to device on an everyday basis that has become part of my anatomy is my iPhone. In fact, if I ever have trouble finding it, I start to panic as if it was one of my children that was missing. I do most everything on my iPhone. It doesn't matter that I have a couple of iPad's, an Android tablet, a MacBook Air or my Mac desktop, my iPhone is what I use. If I need a computer, I use my MacBook Air because of it's portability. But on most days, I don't even need that. My tip for you is to think how you use your tech before you go out and spend $2,000 on a new Mac. If you are like me, you might realize that you are not even using it.  

Mac tricks: Some of these are older than dirt but maybe you don't know them, so here goes....

  1. Apple Logo: Do you ever want or need to type the Apple logo? Just hold down Option > Shift > and the letter "k". This is what you get 
  2. Screen Shot: Hold down Command > Shift > and the number "3". You will hear the sound of a camera shutter. Check your desktop and you will find the Screen Shot aptly named Screen Shot there.
  3. Screen Selection: Hold down Command > Shift > and the number "4" and you get cross hairs. Click and drag across the selection you want and you hear the camera shutter again. Check your desktop and you will find the Screen Shot aptly named Screen Shot there.
  4. Change the name of a File: Now that you have 2 files on your desktop titled Screen Shot, you need to change the name.  Click on the name of the file once and it turns dark blue. Wait a second and then click on it again and it turns light blue. Once it is light blue, just start typing.
  5. Quickly see the content of a File: Click once on one of the Screen Shots on your desktop, now tap the Space Bar. It will give you a Quick Look of the file without really opening it. Click on the Space Bar again and it returns to normal. Do this on any file anywhere!
  6. Quickly delete a File: Click once on one of the Screen Shots on your desktop, now use two fingers to tap the trackpad or magic mouse. A continual menu appears and just click on Move to Trash. If you have trouble with doing this, holding down the Control key while clicking on the file gives you the same results. 

iPhone Tricks: The iPhone has some tricks that are unique to it alone. Here they are: 

  1. Quickly Message a Caller: When someone calls, you usually tap on the green circle that says Accept or the red circle that says Decline or you just Slide to Unlock. Do you know that you have another option? On the lock screen or right above Slide to Unlock or the green Accept circle is Message. Tap on Message then chose a message and it ends the call and lets the person know immediately that you know they are trying to call you but you can't talk right now. It is a more personal way of acknowledging someone without just sending them to voice mail. You can customize these messages in Settings > Phone > Respond with Text.
  2. Quickly add someone to Favorites: If someone calls you all the time and you want to add them to Favorites, just tap on the Phone icon then tap on Recents on the bottom. Find the person and tap on the i with a circle around it at the end of their name. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on Add to Favorites
  3. Change the Favorites order: Now that you know how to add someone to Favorites, let's put the most favorite person on top. Go to the Phone icon and open it, then tap on Favorites on the bottom. Now tap on Edit. you will see 3 lines to the left of the name, tap and hold then move them up or down, the choice is yours. Tap on Done with you have them just right.
  4. Activate Do Not Disturb: Did you know that your iPhone has a setting that will make it so that no one can disturb you? So you don't use it because you're afraid of missing an important call from a loved one? Just add them to Favorites. It's easy since you know how. Then go to Settings > Do Not Disturb > Allow Calls From > Tap of Favorites. While in Do Not Disturb, You can manually set the time to whatever you want. Just tap the Manual slider to green, then Schedule to green and set your times. Your iPhone will now only let people in your Favorites call you between those hours. There is also a switch to allow Repeated Calls to come through. You can activate this too if it will make you rest easier.

iPad and iPhone Tricks: You might know these but I still have so many people that ask me how that I'm going to share them again so here they are: 

  1. How to get rid of an App: If you no longer use an App, get rid of it as it is taking up precious room on your iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is tap and hold the App until it wiggles. Now tap on the X in the corner and tap on Delete. Don't worry about never getting the App back if you paid for it. The App Store never forgets. It will just keep it up in the Cloud until you need it.
  2. How to make a Folder:  Are you tired of scrolling through 20 screens? Make Folders and put your Apps in them to eliminate all those screens. All you have to do it tap and hold an App until it wiggles, now drag it onto of another App and it makes a Folder. Name this Folder at the top and you have a new Folder unique to you. Tap the Home button to make them stop wiggling once you're finished.
  3. Adding an App to the Dock: Did you know that you can customize the Dock on both your iPhone or iPad? Just Tap and hold the App that you want on the Dock until it wiggles. You are allowed 6 Apps on the Dock of your iPad and 4 on your iPhone so you might have to move one off the Dock first. Do that, then tap and move the one you want to the Dock.
  4. Activating Night Shift:  Blue light interferes with your brain and sleeping. iOS 10 gave us Night Shift which changes your screen to a yellow hue which doesn't interfere with you brain and sleep as much as blue light. You can set this in Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. Flip the Scheduled switch to green then tap on From To and choose Sunset to Sunrise. If you ever want to activate it sooner, just pull up the Control Panel from the bottom of your screen and tap on Night Shift. 

I hope that these tips and tricks have helped you. Now go out and explore. There are millions of them.

Browser Hijacks
This is still a problem! Print this out so you can get out of this yourself. If your Mac tells you that you that you have a virus and to call a number to fix it for about $200, STOP! Do not call the number! Do not invest in Security Software for the Mac either as this is a Scam NOT a virus! Here is what you need to do to remove it:

1. Quit or Force Quit Safari by holding down the Option Key and clicking on Safari in the dock and drag up to Force Quit.

2. Launch Safari while holding down the Shift key to start it in Safe Mode

3. Go up to the word Safari in the Menu Bar at the top and drag down to Preferences

4. Find Privacy in the Tool Bar and click on it.

5.Click on the bar that says Remove All Website Date

6. Quit Safari then launch it again as usual

SWMMUG Meeting

The SWMMUG presents Spring Training. Part 2 is May 2nd at 6:00pm and is on how to Buy and Sell on eBay. You won't want to miss it! But just in case you did, go to Lakeshoremac.com and you will find YouTube videos on how to do everything.
I'll see you this Tuesday at the South Haven Memorial Library at 6:00pm.
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