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Strategies for success in 2018
The new year is almost here, and we are all starting to make plans and goals for 2018. Here are five tips to maximize your fundraising success next year:

  • Review 2017. What fundraisers did you do this year? Evaluate each one independently - what was the participation rate? What was the average amount raised per person? Did you meet your goals? Consider each part of the fundraiser - from timing and marketing to delivery and donor feedback.

  • Thank your donors. Send e-mails, post on social media, and encourage participants to handwrite thank you notes to everyone who supported you this year. Where possible, include photos of how you spent the money raised.

  • Focus on the purpose. Why are we raising money? What will the funds be used for? Communicate the purpose clearly and frequently to participants and to your donors.

  • Set goals per fundraising campaign. Make sure each person knows his or her role to play. Tell your participants: "If each person sells X, we will raise enough for ................"

  • Schedule your fundraising efforts. Allow for at least 3 weeks between campaigns to give your participants and donors time to see the impact of the last fundraiser before the next one starts.

Congratulations and Thank You
Groups who sold fudge and raised money in 2017 earned a total of $22,108 to support their programs and causes!

We were pleased to work with a wide variety of groups this year: schools, scouts, athletes, dancers, actors, fraternal organizations, animal rescues and business teams raising money for corporate charitable campaigns.

Our goal is to double in 2018 , and we hope your group will share in the profits. If you are ready to schedule your 2018 campaign, please click the link below.
Happy New Year!
We wish you health, happiness and lots of fun in 2018.
From all of us at Fudgeraiser: Kristi, Clay, Teresa, Colin, Abigail and Katie.
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