Want to start "greening" your property to help reduce your business risk and lower your environmental impact but don't know where to start? Here is your solution! AGPOM is pleased to offer our new Green Property Behavioral Plans currently available for Hotels & Resorts, Office Buildings and Multifamily Properties. Happy Earth Day to You!
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This Month's Featured Member: Norfolk's Wells Fargo Tower


The Wells Fargo Center is located in the heart of Downtown Norfolk, VA. 

Illustration by Anderson Wertz

This mixed-use project boasts spectacular views, unprecedented amenities, premium finishes and superior quality construction.


Building materials include over 20% with recycled content, over 40% regionally sourced and over 50% Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) wood. Additionally, over 75% of the construction waste was recycled.


Advanced sustainability designs, systems, details and materials have been incorporated throughout the building. In March of 2011 the office tower earned a LEED for Core & Shell (LEED - CS) Gold Level Certification making it the region's first LEED Gold Certified High-rise office building.


This Class A, mixed use development is comprised of a twenty-three story, 255,000 square foot office tower, 50,000 square feet of retail space on Monticello Avenue, and 121 luxury apartments.


Photo via Monticello Station

Located strategically

next to the Monticello light rail and local transit station supports use of public transportation.


Water Use in the building is reduced by 43% via dual-flush toilets, low flush urinals and low flow faucets with electronic sensor shut off mechanisms and by using 100% Water Resistant Landscaping. 

Photo by Mark Edward Atkinson


The building uses 70% purchased green power and 76% of regularly occupied space have abundant natural light.

The property serves as the Regional Headquarters and a branch location for Wells Fargo Bank, as well numerous other prestigious clients such as AECOM. AECOM's Regional Office (pictured bottom right) includes a successful interior space development, system engineering and environmental initiatives that have led to AECOM benefiting from a more efficient, interactive and collaborative work environment suitable for future growth. This $1.5 million, award-winning project is slated for LEED Silver certification.
Photo via Arive Architecture + Interiors
The Norfolk Wells Fargo Tower has been a member of AGPOM since 2011. 
Learn more about this award-winning property here 


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Introducing AGPOM's Newest Green Property Behavioral Plans: 
Multi-family and Office Buildings!

AGPOM is committed to helping our members with

their sustainability efforts. 


One of the ways we help property owners and managers begin the effort of environmental-friendly pursuits is through our Green Property Behavioral PlansLast month we debuted the first of our new Green Property Behavioral Plans with our new  Hotels and Resorts plan. This month we are pleased to present our two newest plans for Multifamily Properties and Office Buildings!


Many are under the false impression that Greening your property must entail a high-cost, labor intensive initiative that ties up resources for long periods of time. There are thousands of owners, managers and tenants that are avoiding Green investment. 


The AGPOM Green Property Plans are designed for newcomers to the movement that want to get started, as well as Green veterans interested in leveraging the benefits of AGPOM membership. We simplify the process of Greening your property by outlining specific behavioral changes that will Green your property without causing burdensome interruptions to your everyday business or significant capital investments.


By committing to the guidelines of the plan, AGPOM members are granted Level II Membership status making them eligible for the following:


AGPOM staff are currently in the process of completing new plans for Restaurant Properties and Retail Properties. Look for those in upcoming AGPOM newsletters, on our website and on our social mediaHotel

Sustainability: The New Standard for Hospitality Industry
By Annie George
AGPOM's Insurance Partner, Fulcrum Insurance Programs, is in the forefront of developing insurance programs that support and reward "green" practices for the niches they serve, including the hotel and resort industry
This year we will continue to see sustainability as a top priority, according to the School of Hospitality Management at Kendall College in Chicago:
"In the U.S. alone, hotels represent more than 5 billion square feet of space, nearly 5 million guest rooms and close to $4 billion in annual energy use," according to Kendall. "That's a big impact the industry can make and has made on the environment, in an effort to make sustainability the 'new standard' and better appeal to environmentally conscious business and leisure travelers. In fact, 2013 marks the 'tipping point' for sustainable hospitality, with eco-friendly practices becoming the norm, rather than the exception, so expect 2014 to see standard 'green' practices, products, programs and packages."    
That's good news for the industry, which continues to take the lead in this arena; the public, which is placing increasingly more demand on corporate sustainability; the environment, "our home"; and, of course, all of us that can provide incentives with initiatives and programs that continue to support the hospitality and other industries in their "green" efforts.

The partnership with AGPOM provides Fulcrum Insurance Programs the opportunity to offer a unique proposition value in the marketplace to their retail insurance agency and broker partners. Among many other benefits, Hospitality properties that utilize AGPOM's new Behavioral Green Property Plan for Hotels & Resorts can lower their insurance premiums and their environmental impact through these "green" practices. 


Learn more here.  MF

by Annie George


In the Fulcrum Insurance Programs blog, they often write about the many benefits of going green in the niche markets we serve: hotels and resortsreal estatecasinos and habitational. In fact, we have an exclusive program, AGPOM, specifically designed to encourage insureds to lower their carbon footprint and implement green strategies to not only help with the environment but also gain real cost-saving benefits, including a reduction in insurance premiums.

Photo via US Department of Energy


Today, we're focusing on multifamily properties. In 2011, President Obama's administration launched the Better Buildings Challenge. This is a voluntary program whose goal is reduce energy usage in commercial buildings by 20% or more by 2020. Since its launch, according to an article in National Real Estate Investor (NREI), the program's success in the commercial real estate sector "has grown to include over 2 billion square feet of commercial, industrial and school buildings; $2 billion in financing through partnership allies and more than 300 manufacturing facilities." But, unfortunately, the multifamily industry has largely been absent from the Better Buildings Challenge because of a number of limitations within the program - until now.


In early December 2013, the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) partnered to expand the Better Buildings Challenge to the multifamily residential sector, addressing some of limitations voiced by the industry (the original program's specifications failed to reflect the industry's established way of doing business or address significant energy data limitations). Now more than 50 multifamily property owners from across the country signed on officially as partners to the Better Building Challenge for the multifamily sector. These multifamily partners are leaders in market rate (unsubsidized) multifamily housing, public housing authorities, low-income housing tax credit properties, and HUD-assisted multifamily properties. They are committed to reducing energy consumption by at least 20% over 10 years.


In addition, the organizations that opt to join the Better Buildings Challenge partnership have agreed to developing an organization-wide plan with energy-reduction milestones to achieve energy-savings commitment within 6 months. According to the Department of Energy, they have also agreed to report results, sharing information on the energy-efficiency implementation models used to achieve the energy-savings commitment; make available portfolio-wide, building-level energy performance information within 12 months and track progress on an annual basis; and provide regular updates on progress with showcase projects and energy-efficiency implementation models, energy savings across the organization, and energy performance as the basis for recognition.


Although there are still kinks to work out in the program, the multifamily-specific Better Buildings Challenges serves as a strong foundation to focus the sector on more concerted energy savings while continuing to communicate about strategies that can result in significant results.


This Month's Eco-Tip: Celebrating Earth Day
April is EARTH MONTH and Earth Day is April 22! 
  Go to the EPA's Earth Day web site for things you can do to participate in and celebrate Earth Day! Go ahead, get involved. 





Here are things you can do, where you live or online. Learn - Teach - Share:

  • Sign up to get a daily email tip with things you can do to act on climate and help reduce climate change. See the tips and share them, too. You can also find the EPA's Environmental Tip of the Day on AGPOM's homepage.
  • Join EPA on Facebook and share your Earth Day experiences, or use hashtag #earthday on Twitter
  • Lend your voice to protecting the climate for Earth Day! To get the word out about what we all can do to reduce carbon pollution, the EPA is using a new tool called Thunderclap, which is like a virtual flash mob. Here's how it works: you agree to let Thunderclap send a specific, one-time message on your behalf to your social networks at on Earth Day at 12:00 pm EDT.  If 500 or more people agree, the message will go out on everyone's walls and feeds at the same time. But if fewer than 500 agree, nothing happens. Sign up here.


Image via EPA website

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