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Tips for Connecting with Loved Ones
Coping and Connecting
CHC experts from all of our disciplines offer tips on connecting with loved ones and coping during challenging times.
Comedy Night March 18
Save the date! CHC's one-of-a-kind Comedy Night takes place March 18 at 8:00 p.m. (EST). Captions and ASL interpreters make the punchlines accessible. Stay tuned!
Stories Inspired by Valentine's Day
Sydney, a former "CHC kid" and now a mentor, shares her perspective on hearing loss and dating.
Ruth Bernstein sends valentines to her hearing access friends in the latest issue of Sound Advice.
Valentine's Day for Kids
Here's a Valentine's Day activity for kids with hearing loss that's not only fun, but also promotes speech, language & emotional development.
Random Acts of Kindness
In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, we encourage you to show kindness to others and to yourself.
Connection and Wellness Tools
CHC's new FREE online hearing screening
Resilience and Hope in 2021 and Beyond video
Don't miss a word with Google Live Transcribe
Wearing Hearing Devices in Winter
When it's cold outside, have you asked yourself, "Can I wear a hat over my hearing aids or cochlear implant?" Here's essential reading..
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