Tips for Distributors Series: The  "Right Under Your Nose" Opportunity Edition

The " Right Under Your Nose" Opportunity!
What do ALL of these companies have in common? 

They all rebranded 
in 2015.

Did any of YOUR clients rebrand last year? Perhaps they are thinking about it NOW. When a company is rebranding they are open to new and different promotional opportunities. 

Can you smell the opportunity?

Keep your eyes open for signs of change with your existing customers. A new logo or sign? A new website Location?  Notice changes like these early and start a conversation. Often the rebrand begins with small changes internally and then expands outward to the public. An example is Verizon. They rebranded before the new year and this morning I passed multiple vehicles with the OLD logo. I see a huge opportunity for someone in the vehicle wrap industry. I did not get a good look at the uniforms. (hint).

If a rebrand signifies growth for your client, it may just be the perfect time to suggest a custom uniform program. Make sure you are on the ball when the right time comes. 

Start the conversation with your existing clients in the industries below. Uniform programs have been placed in every industry in this list! 

Did you spot an o pportunity?

Rebranding = Opportunity!

Design sticks with people. Clean, attractive logos and signature colors are all part of a good rebranding campaign. Custom uniforms incorporate great design and create brand identity at the most visible levels... 
  • Face to Face with the end user.
  • Digitally through web marketing.
  • Subliminally with passersby.
Contact us if you have opportunities for custom uniform programs. We can help.

Lisa Denham
Marketing Director,  Executive Apparel

I am forever seeking ways to help our Distribution Team grow stronger and more successful. Look for more ideas from me in the Tips for Distributors Series. If you have a suggestion or request please reach out . I welcome your feedback and success stories.
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