Creative Kitchen and Bath
April, 2017

       -  How to Improve your Powder                    Room


A powder room, bec ause of its small size,  is a great place to take chances with design.   Start by checking out some beautiful bathrooms in person.  Decorator show houses, kitchen  and ba th showrooms, and plumbing showrooms provide place s to see  different st yles.

Powder rooms are the perfect place to dabble in materials that are more costly, delicate or require more maintenance because the room needs considerably less material than other bathrooms and receives less traffic. 

Although conventional decorating wisdom suggests that lighter colors make a small room feel bigger, there's no need for visual tricks here. Embrace the room's small size and go for drama instead.  You might try an intense color or unusual materials, ones that might overpower a larger room. 

In a powder room, the vanity is front and center. This is a great way to show your sense of style while adding much needed storage to your powder room. It's a relatively affordable way to give your bathroom a completely new feeling without a floor to ceiling overhaul.

The toilet is an often overlooked but an easy way dress-up element of powder room design. With traditional two-piece options, contemporary single piece designs, or the more avant-garde wall mounted models, there's a piece out there that will fit perfectly into your space

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