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December 13, 2023

Quote of the Week:

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

— H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Tips for Reducing Caregiver Stress

During the Holidays

While caregiving is gratifying, it can be challenging, too, especially when caregivers have to undertake the majority of tasks on their own. This can lead to burnout, which significantly affects the caregiver’s overall health.

Holidays can be blissful for some family caregivers as their mood is lighter. Caring for an elderly family member and celebrating their traditions always feels good. However, for some in-home caregivers, holidays can bring additional stress and work.

Research shows more than 40 million adults provide regular caregiving services for a loved one. And it is worth noting that 1 in 3 caregivers struggle with poor health, influencing the duration and quality of care they provide. -Source

It's crucial to acknowledge the potential strain and address it proactively. As a caregiver, giving yourself a break is necessary for your well-being.

Here are ways you can make it through the holiday

season with less stress and more joy:

Focus on what's meaningful for you:

While everyone wants to create an ideal holiday experience, remember that attaining perfection should not be the only goal of holidays. Instead, joy and meaning should be.

Some factors are beyond your control when providing care, so adjust the mindset for planning a successful holiday. Prioritize the holiday activities that have the most profound meaning to you. Instead of focusing on the inabilities of seniors, pay attention to things that can create memories for life for them.

Simplify activities for holiday season:

If heading out for the holiday season takes you over an edge, remember that it doesn't have to be that difficult. You can consider asking a friend to help you with decorations and sending e-cards; if inviting in-person seems like a task. Many family members also adjust the venue of celebrations to accommodate their elderly family members.

Establish new traditions:

Don’t focus on what you couldn't do for your loved one this year, try doing something they’ve never done before. If they are facing problems stepping outside, try playing a holiday movie marathon on TV. Or, consider having a video chat if the older adult cannot attend the family gathering in-person. In the end, holidays are all about having a good time.

Practice gift-giving differently:

The act of giving or receiving gifts is enjoyable. To ease this process, caregivers can shop online or ask a friend to do the shopping.

While gifts are a perfect way to make you happy, time and attention can be the best gifts for caregivers. Assisting with a handmade project or scheduling outings are examples of perfect gifts.

If your family is large, draw names and exchange with just one person. Have a regifting exchange, sharing items you already have. Order a photo gift — like a photo mug, pillow or calendar — or write a meaningful letter that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Prioritize Self-Care:

Caregiving is all about giving. While holidays are often a way to rejuvenate everyone, the job of a caregiver becomes even more demanding, leaving caregivers with prolonged levels or even burnout.

As a caregiver, take notice of emotional ups and downs, inability to sit, fatigue, feeling frozen, and foggy thinking. If you experience these signs, make sure to not let your time for self-care slip away. Search for ways to feel happy, like getting quality sleep, practicing mindfulness, shopping, dancing to your favorite holiday music, or binge-watching holiday movies.

Ask for help:

It is okay to ask for help when needed. Even if you don't usually do so, know that holidays are a great time to get some extra help. Even a few hours of additional support can prove to be a huge relief. You may ask friends and family for assistance with the holiday preparations.

Connect with fellow caregivers:

Chances are for caregivers to encounter the same feelings as you do. Caregivers can relate to one another because they experience the same pain points that come with the job.

Connect with other caregivers to share how you feel and get some tips to escape the holiday stress. You can join caregiver support groups or events to talk about your experiences, gain a fresh perspective, or maybe just find someone who listens. 

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