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Tips for Visiting Private Schools/Colleges

With February/Spring break coming up, now is a good time to visit private schools or colleges to see where your child will fit best. This process can be overwhelming, but when you visit schools, it is important to stay focused on what is most important for your child's personal needs and interests. Finding the right school fit hinges on considering the following questions:

Private school
  • What is the ambiance of the school? How do the adults interact with children?
  • How does the school accommodate different learning styles as well as students with special needs? How does this school support students with academic, social or emotional difficulties?
  • What is their teaching methodology? Do teachers work by themselves with students in small groups or do they work in teams to teach larger groups?
  • How does this school encourage and monitor students' progress toward meeting academic standards?
  • Ask about faculty turnover. 10-20% turnover will occur in most schools due to retirements and people moving on, but telltale signs of potential problems would be a high rate of turnover (40% or higher). A school that treats its faculty well will have a low turnover rate.
  • How does the school determine student placement in classes? How does the school guide and prepare students for academic decisions that define their options in high school and beyond?
  • How does this school use technology to support teaching and learning? Will your child graduate "work-ready?"
  • Look at the school's facilities and infrastructure. Will the school be able to meet your child's needs (if your child is pursuing advanced sciences, what is the quality of the science labs, etc.)?
  • How often are textbooks and classroom materials reviewed and updated? Is the library/media center well-equipped and organized? 
  • What is the school atmosphere? The social aspect is as important for your child's happiness, so consider whether they are looking for Greek life, specific clubs/activities, and all the other options that may be available. 
There are so many things to consider, so please make sure your child has the opportunity to visit and get a sense of the school environment. 

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We Specialize in ISEE 
and SSAT Test Prep

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We focus on content, time-management, and test-taking strategies  to maximize your child's score. All tutoring is customized to meet your student's specific needs, and we 
also have tutors who are experienced in working with 
students with Special Needs. 

Updated Proprietary Materials!
We have thoroughly researched all changes to ISEE/SSAT content and have developed proprietary materials to maximize instruction. Tutors have been fully trained using these specialized materials and methods. An exclusive benefit of working with Boston Tutoring Services is that students will be prepared with the most up-to-date and effective strategies.

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Many schools offer scholarships for students with 
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Remember, your child can take the ISEE and SSAT tests 
multiple times to achieve the best results!

Is Your Child Going to Take the ACT or SAT 
Test this Winter/Spring? 

Plan for your child to take a standardized test at least twice to give them the best chance of a high score. 

The next SAT will be on March 9th and then May 4th. 
The next ACT will be on April 13th and then June 8th.
Our tutors have been fully trained in the new content 
and test-taking strategies of both the SAT and ACT tests. We focus on time-management and customize our instruction to meet the needs of each student. 

If you are not sure whether your child should take the SAT or ACT, please see the article below.

SAT vs. ACT: Choose Wisely

We often see students who feel more comfortable with one test over the other, so if you have the time to start early, we can create the best action plan for them moving forward this spring.


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Online Tutoring is a Great Option for Your Family's Busy Schedule!

Many families contact us from outside the Boston area looking for top-notch tutors, so now you can choose the best tutor fit for your child regardless of location! Online tutoring can be a great opportunity for your child to receive the same tutoring services anywhere in the world, any time of day.

Boston Tutoring Services offers downloadable teaching resources and proprietary materials for shared use. Tutors share resources and materials prior to tutoring sessions so students can access these and work on them during sessions. Additionally, 
tutors assign personalized materials for your 
child to work with between sessions.


It's not too late get help on the application process! 

We prepare middle school students for high school admission, including application essays and interview coaching. We support juniors in high school through the early stages of the college admission process, including creating school lists and timelines. We help seniors finalize application essays and prepare for interviews.
Our Admissions Coaches provide families with guidance in: 
Essay CoachingInterview Coaching, and all aspects of the Application process.
It's never too early or too late to start!

We Provide Services for Students on School Leave

We provide academic support, either for short-term or long-term contracts. Our tutors work with students with 
behavioral difficulties, emotional difficulties, 
and Special Education needs. 

We work with students on medical leave/treatment and students at therapeutic day schools. Services are offered at home, at the local library, and on-site at hospitals or schools.


Want to learn how to teach your child
 reading and writing skills? 

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The Practical Parent's Guide: Fun Lessons for Teaching Reading And Writing

This manual provides resources for parents to help their child learn to read and write, in a fun and hands-on way.

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