October & November 2020
Green Design & Mindful Living
"Over the years I’ve unfolded my family’s holiday traditions, identifying sustainability as one of the many layers. Whether it was our gift-giving customs or how we masterminded our holiday meal, I came to realize that sustainability was a distinct and deliberate layer, one greatly to be valued, because protecting our environment was – and is – important."
Add a sustainable twist to your holiday by incorporating
some of Georgia's eco-tips into your traditions.
Gift-giving outside the box
  • Shop locally.
  • Give gift certificates, experiences or subscriptions, not things.
  • Donate to charities in someone’s name.
  • Choose reusable gift wrap and reusable ribbon.
Greening-up from fork to plate
  • Organize food shopping trips and plan meals.
  • Rename left-overs as “plan-overs” and plan to eat them.
  • Use dishes and utensils that are reusable year after year.
  • Serve water in glasses, avoiding single-use bottled water.
For decor, less is more
  • Choose less rather than more for a classic holiday look.
  • Carefully buy reusable decorations to use year after year.
  • Pass decorations to the next generation for ultimate reuse.
  • Place holiday lights on timers to limit use and save energy.
Georgia Madiba lives in South Orange and is completing
her certification as a Rutgers Environmental Steward.
Due to COVID safety protocols, we have not been able
to photo any new projects.
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