Tips for coping with isolation and the stress of the current global epidemic and Salt updates.
Hello to all. I just wanted to reach out to everyone with some Salt updates and a few more tips to keep you as balanced as possible during this difficult time.

As you know, Salt has been closed for the past week and we will still be closed for at least another week, possibly longer. I am keeping abreast of current worldly updates and when it is deemed safe, we will reopen. Please see our website for updates.

I anticipate a few people will eventually be interested in using the infrared sauna and salt therapy for immunity purposes. I also anticipate a number of people will be looking for assistance with stress management and will be inquiring about floating. Once deemed safe, these services will be offered again. As well, I will eventually be offering one on one health and stress management consulting for various health issues/complaints. If reopening prolongs longer than expected, this is something I am looking into incorporating virtually until I can offer these services in person at Salt.

Due to being temporarily closed and the uncertainty of the reopen date, I am extending the expiry on all member and purchased packages. Any sessions on your account will remain intact and all expirys will be suspended for now. I will also be offering discounted rates on new packaged services in an effort to continue business and to also make it easier for people with financial burdens who need assistance with their health. This information will be posted upon reopening.

It is extremely understandable right now that each and every one of us are most likely experiencing various symptoms from fear, uncertainty, financial worries, irritability and frustration from being in isolation or not having enough personal space from your family members. Each of us manage our stress and symptoms differently. There are negative ways of dealing with stress such as yelling, blaming, fighting, overeating, smoking, drinking etc. In excess and when extreme, these behaviors hurt us and the people around us. Although it can be challenging, especially when wrapped up in our own troubles, if we can try and focus on more positive ways to deal with stress, it can really benefit us and our relationships. This is something we all need right now.

1)     Try a different perspective. Although things are rough right now, try to find the silver lining in this. When is the last time you had a chance to get caught up on things/projects/to do lists, or had time to really connect for more than an hour or less a day with your family? I personally have been able to spend more time connecting at a deeper level and much longer than usual with my children. I have been able to get caught up on never ending paper work and therefore less stressed in that aspect. I have been able to get some forced much needed rest, that I never would have had the opportunity to have. I have also been pondering on how much repair around the Earth and atmosphere has taken place with this global shutdown and that maybe this is a huge positive amongst a number of negatives. What are some of the benefits or positives that you may have had or witnessed around you as a result of the recent changes? It is easy to focus on the negatives, however focusing on even a few positives can make a huge difference to your life and how you see it, and therefore how you feel.
2)     Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. It is one of the easiest things you can do to make yourself feel happy inside. If we always worry about what we don’t have or worried about not having enough, we will never feel satisfied and will always search for more. What do you have that you are grateful for, even during this difficult situation? Just thinking about this for a minute can help you shift your perspective which can lead you from feeling depressed to uplifted.
3)     Exercise. While we may be limited at the present moment, there are online gym and yoga classes being offered via “Zoom”, where you can join a class in your own home with a personal trainer, yoga instructor etc through video/audio conferencing. Or simply dance by yourself, with your partner and/or your kids to your own music or walk around the block but get moving! Any kind of continuous movement for a minimum of 15 minutes will get your blood circulating, oxygenate your body, reduce cortisol (stress hormone), boost endorphins (feel good hormones which helps block pain sensations and is also linked to increasing pleasurable emotional responses) and when practiced regularly, exercise can also improve the quality of your sleep.
4)     Meditate. This isn’t for everyone but there are different types and degrees of meditation. All this does is helps you take a minute to slow down and be with yourself so you can catch your breath and stop for a moment. Even a few minutes just gives your nervous system a reset which can also contribute to you managing your stress levels. A simple box breath can be meditative and this is as simple as breathing in for 4, holding the breath for 4, breathing out for 4 and holding for 4 before starting the next box cycle.

There are all types of relaxation, breathing and guided meditation exercises available online. For those that prefer a guided meditation, Chopra is offering a free 21 day meditation right now called “Hope in Uncertain Times”. Check out their site for access to this. Registration is free and there will be access daily to a new meditation for 21 days (hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra). The “Calm” app also offers various free meditations. Anything that helps you be mindful and “in the moment” can help you turn off or tone down a stress response.

5)     Listen to music. Have you ever listened to a song that just makes you feel good? Music touches our soul, can make us move and also can encourage reflection. Choose songs that you make you feel happy. It’s amazing how music can change an environment and then our head space. Maybe you sing along! If you are a musician, you already know what music can do for you. Pick up that instrument you haven’t played in a while or sing out a tune and let the creative juices flow!
While not the answers to everyone’s problems, I am hoping that some of this will reach you and offer a little support. When in a slump, it is easy to just not feel up to initiating any of the above. If you make an attempt here and there and eventually witness some progress, it will encourage you to practice some or all of the above on a more regular basis. You will be glad you did!

Wishing you and your families health and hope and look forward to seeing you at some point in the near future.

Lehla and the Salt team