This weekend is Wine Adventure 2017!

~Ticket prices will be higher the day of~

Tickets will be sold through Eventbrite only.
The LCWA is absorbing all fee associated with Eventbrite, except sales tax, which is required by the State of California.
Top 10 ways to get the most out of Wine Adventure weekend
  1. Take advantage of  early bird check-in
  2. Start your weekend adventure at the location you have
    designated when you purchased your tickets. This will allow for adequate staffing and supplies at each location
  3. Print your ticket or download the  eventbrite app to your smartphone
  4. Book your babysitter and pet sitter now. This is a weekend for adults, with adults. Take a day off, you deserve it!
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Remember your water bottles (many wineries will have refill stations available)
  6. Summer weather is arriving in time for the weekend. Remember your sunblock and big, fabulous hats. Temperatures are going to be in the 90s!
  7. Pick out your favorite wines at each location, take notes. We encourage you to build your cellar collections this weekend
  8. Pack a cooler (large enough to chill your bottles) and pack plenty of snacks
  9. 27 wineries are participating this year! Check out the  map and plot your adventure in advance
P.S.  Did I mention early bird check-in
       There are wines to be tasted, don't waste your time in line!
Passport Check-in Locations 
and Friday Early- Bird Passport Kit

North to South in the County, these check-in locations include:

Lake County Wine Studio
9505 Main Street, Upper Lake, CA
 Early Bird Check-in hours: Friday 1 pm - 8 pm, and starting at 10:30 am on Saturday

Cache Creek Vineyards
250 New Long Valley Road, Clearlake Oaks, CA
 Early Bird Check-in hours: Friday 11 am - 5 pm

Steele Wines
4350 Thomas Drive, Kelseyville, CA  
 Early Bird Check-in hours: Friday 11 am - 5 pm, and starting at 10:30 am on Saturday

Boatique Winery
8255 Red Hill Road, Kelseyville, CA 
Early Bird Check-in hours: Friday 11 am - 5 pm, and starting at 10:30 am on Saturday
Twin Pine "Off the Vine"
2223 Highway 29, Middletown, CA
Early Bird Check-in hours: Friday 9 am - midnight, and starting at 9 am on Saturday
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