Hot Topic
Paris Air Show 
The international buzz in aerospace 
Current trends, tales, and forecasts for aerospace around the world.                               
Business Focus  
Top 10 Hiring Tips
An ongoing worker shortage is concerning to manufacturers, find out where to find people.
Everyone needs good, skilled labor, but it is getting harder to find folks that can handle the machinery and understand the manufacturing environment. 
Educational Focus 
Instructor serves students with needed Mechatronics training
Students are starting to graduate from Mechatronics programs in Washington 
It's always great when a student finds their path in the manufacturing industry. Learn more about how one instructor is making it happen.                      
Technology Focus
Edge Factor 
Turning kids on to manufacturing careers with high-tech media 
If you haven't heard of Edge Factor, or seen their outrageous videos, here's your chance. Be inspired! We are!
Also in this issue...
Real Life Robotics Challenges for Students 
How to Insure a UAV

Featured College Programs
The Center of Excellence values our community and technical college partners. Check out our monthly featured colleges and their top programs on the homepage. 

Featured this month: 

Yakima Valley Community College 
  • Aerospace Machining Technology 
  • Machining Technology Certification 
  • CNC Operator Certification 

Bates Technical College 
  • CNC Machinist
  • Machinist
  • Industrial Electronics and Robotics Technician
  • Manufacturing Academy 
Everett Community College
  • Aerospace Composite Technician
  • Aerospace Design CATIA V5
  • Precision Machining
  • Welding and Fabrication

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