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January 2015 


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January 12th marked our 26th year of serving this wonderful community!


Thanks for making us your choice for physical therapy.

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Dear Friends,

This is a brief educational piece on overmedicating ourselves when we are in pain. What better way to begin the year 2015, than being educated by the National Institute of Health (NIH). This is the agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services responsible for biomedical and health related research. 


If you have ever worried about our present medical model and the possibility of using too many drugs to solve our problems, please read below. 

The NIH has finally performed enough studies over the last 5-10 years to come out with a report discussing our country's problem of overmedicating people in pain. In a recent report they stated, "It's time that treatment of chronic pain moves from a 1-pill-fits-all mindset to an evidence-based, individualized, multidisciplinary model that recognizes the value of non-pharmacological approaches, including physical therapy."

Who is the NIH and what do they do? The NIH is comprised of 27 separate institutes and centers that conduct research in different disciplines of biomedical science. The NIH now controls more than 50% of all funding for health research, and 85% of all funding for health studies in universities.

We now have strong evidence based studies informing us to all be careful with overmedicating our bodies. Please begin trying to clear your mind and start breaking your habits of taking medication for every pain that seems to bother you on a daily basis. This is not the best way to create a healthy, independent and long lasting life. 

As you get older, if you would like to be as independent as possible, give McDonald Physical Therapy a call. We specialize in helping you regain your independent lifestyle in as little pain and discomfort as possible, based on your present physical condition. 





Tips For Keeping Your Fitness New Year's Resolution


Did you know that by St. Patrick's Day, two-thirds of New Year's Resolutions have gone down the drain? Recently, you may have noticed the lack of parking spaces at the gym or even treadmills in front of the good TV stations. Many folk are out trying to get a jump start on their fitness as we ring in the New Year, however, many of them are going about it the wrong way. 

Most often patients come in with the dreaded overuse injury that just won't get better. The main reason: too much in too short of time. It is crucial to build up your fitness routine slowly and carefully, keeping in mind proper nutrition and adequate rest.

 Here are a few tips to prevent falling short of your goals:

Proper nutrition and hydration are crucial. You may be reaching for coffee and comfort food these days but eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water throughout the day can provide you with improved energy and give your muscles the right nutrients to limit soreness and facilitate increased fat burn.

Proper warm-up along with a stretching routine is key to preventing injuries. Make sure you give yourself at least 10-15 minutes prior to your workout to warm-up. Dynamic warm-ups are also a great way to start a workout and get your blood flowing without feeling like you're skimping on your cardio.

Allow yourself proper time to recover and gradually build up distance/reps/weight. If you are sore for more than 3 days following a workout than you probably went a little too hard a little too soon. If soreness lasts for more than 5 days and is accompanied with swelling, it's a good idea to see your physical therapist.

Having a good support system is the best thing to help you stay on track. Whether it's a spouse, friend, family member, or even your physical therapist; sharing your goals with someone can help make you feel more accountable. 

It's a good idea if you have had injuries in the past to make an appointment with your physical therapist to discuss safe return to activity and progression of your program. Even if you are not prone to injury, your therapist can give you some education on proper technique and form in order to keep you injury-free.

For assistance with your fitness New Year's Resolution plan, please feel free to contact our clinic. Staying healthy and injury-free should be your #1 goal, and we want to help you every step of the way!


** Article courtesy of Therapeutic Associates.com