Winter 2023
Podcast Hosting Tips
Podcasts can be a great way to share your expertise or story. A good podcast is one that is authentic; it should let the real you shine through. However, a good podcast is also deliberate, as it takes planning to do a good podcast. Here are five quick tips for you from L&F’s podcasting crew:

  1. Write out or sketch out what you want to talk about; this will help you focus and stay on topic.
  2. Check your lighting and software in advance. Lighting should come from above and behind your device (laptop, phone, etc.). Never shoot “upward;” it’s a very unflattering angle for everyone!
  3. If you’re not going to be moving around a room or a location, your face should be in the middle of the screen – not too close but not too far away.
  4. What are you wearing? Unless you’re a fashion podcaster, you don’t want your clothes or jewelry to distract your followers from what you’re saying.
  5. Keep going, even if you stumble here and there. Don’t worry about small mistakes or misstatements, they will make you seem more human and relatable. 
Exciting News!
After more than 20 years with Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc., Scott Stein is retiring at the end of January. Or, maybe we should say semi-retiring, as he’ll continue to work with L&F on special projects; he just won’t be here on a daily basis.
Scott has been a valuable member of our agency, providing expert advice, developing and implementing effective communication strategies and tactics for our clients AND he is our #1, go-to proofreader. The AP Style book is his constant desk companion.
Scott we will miss you – but we know you’re going to enjoy spending more time with your granddaughter, going up north and taking A LOT more photos. Thank you!
With Scott’s departure, we’ve added a Senior Account Executive, Chris Christenson. She brings more than 25 years of experience to our team. Most recently, Chris was the communications director for the Village of Pleasant Prairie, in Southeast Wisconsin. She’s a great fit for our strategic communications efforts and her government knowledge will be an asset for all of our clients. She has already hit the ground running - so welcome on-board Chris!
Name Dropping
Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients:
Area shelters were the beneficiary of 72 beds donated by KI, the Green Bay-based custom office furniture manufacturer. St. John’s Ministries received 32 beds, NEW Community Shelter 28 and 12 were delivered to Foundations Health & Wholeness
The Central Brown County Water Authority recently launched a new Facebook page for customers to learn more about the Authority and how it operates to provide quality drinking water to its customers.  
Looking for that premiere destination for all of your outdoor winter activities? Check out the Oconto County Tourism website and find out what makes Oconto County a must for winter adventure seekers.
WisDOT Northeast Region recently held a Public Involvement Meeting and De Pere west side business owners meeting as it begins investigating and developing alternatives for proposed improvements of WIS 32 on De Pere’s west side downtown. For more about this project, please visit the project website.
The Mulva Cultural Center recently welcomed Steve Tremel, Consulting Officer, and Laureen Endter, Gift Shop Manager, to the team.
Cornerstone International Alliance, a consortium of elite global M&A firms recently strengthened its relationship with Axial, the largest internet platform for buying, selling, advising and financing private companies in the lower middle market. The partnership allows Alliance members access to Axial's vast database of quality buyers.
Quick Quote

 “The two words ‘information’ and ‘communication’ are often used interchangeably,
but they signify quite different things.
Information is giving out;
communication is getting through.”

– Sydney J. Harris