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With 2 full-time Spanish-speaking assistants, we are also able to provide excellent service to Spanish-speaking clients. Our bilingual staff allows us to work directly with a diverse client base as well as experts and witnesses who may offer vital input or testimony in your case.
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July 2017

We want to thank all of you who take the time to read the news letters we are sending and we hope that you are finding the information beneficial. At Tindall Law Firm, LLC we enjoy sharing valuable tips regarding the law; offering articles on hot issues in the law; commenting on topics of interest; and helping you navigate the tricky world of the law, which is ever changing.  

At any time if you have any questions on any of the materials you find in our newsletter or any other legal issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. If there is any legal issue of interest that you would like to see addressed in our newsletter, please let us know. 

We value your feedback very much. We treasure our clients very much and we aim to treat each of you as a member of our family and with a commitment to excellence, zealous advocacy on your behalf, and quality service. 
All the best, 
Attorney Tavis Tindall

Tips from Tindall
Educate Employees on Personal Work Safety
While safety is something that all employers should educate employees about year-round, the summer months can be an opportune time to up the ante on safety education at work.
This makes employees become more self-aware of their habits on and off the job and can help to prevent work injuries at the workplace, which can be costly to both the employee and employer in many different ways. Share tips for safer work habits and how to report any hazards or injuries that may happen.
Regularly inspect you premises to make sure it is safe on the outside and the inside. Look for hazards that can cause someone to trip, cut themselves or otherwise become injured. Make sure your work environment is OSHA compliant and that all proper safety measures are being taken by your employees when performing work for your company.
Be very careful on the rules you apply to company vehicles you provide employees. Do not let them take these vehicles home or use for personal use because the company can still be held liable for this personal use, as owner of the vehicle.
Make sure all company vehicles are safe in every respect: from the engine, to the tires and all of the vehicle's various components.
Ensure all employees are properly trained in every area where they are working.
These are all tips, which if applied can greatly reduce the risk of an employee becoming injured and reduce liability claims from third parties who become injured on your premises or due to the conduct of your employees.
When was the last time you updated your Safety Education Plan?
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Has 2017 already been a  year of changes?

Births, deaths, marriages, new business, retirement. So many things can happen throughout the year that can cause you to need changes in you estate plan, will, power of attorney and more.

Tindall Law Firm is here at your service to assist with the wide variety of changes your family or business may encounter throughout the year.

At Tindall Law Firm we work hard for clients every day. We all want to see clients receive the justice and compensation they deserve. I hope you all have had a great summer and are looking forward to the fall season. 

As a family-based business, our staff is close, and we extend that friendly, caring attitude to our clients. We treat our clients as if they are our own family and truly care about them as more than just a number. It is this quality along with superior service and competent representation that has allowed us to become the "lawyer for life" for all of our clients and their families and friends to whom they refer us.  

Tavis Tindall
Tindall Law Firm, LLC