Happy Fri-yay!

Yes, I’m still committing to calling it Fri-yay even though we’re in month two of quarantine and all days are blending together.. and it basically feels like April 82 nd . To differentiate Friday from the rest of the week, I like to treat myself with a cocktail. I use the term “treat” loosely because I am no mixologist (more of a wine pouring aficionado), but I’ve got a couple easy cocktail recipes up my sleeve. And a martini shaker. One of those wedding gifts that has sat on my counter unused up until week 3 of quarantine. For this week’s Live-From-Home Tip, I’m outlining five cocktail recipes to shake up (pun intended) your Fri-yay happy hour. Or Tuesday happy hour. I’m not here to judge.😊 And I’ll close up with a Tile Tip for you to enjoy cocktail-in-hand: A quick review of 2020 Design Trends, and corresponding tile to evoke those concepts.

LFH (Live From Home) Tip: Sick of Wine Yet? 
Throw on some resort-wear, an over-sized pair of sunglasses, and sip this Campari Orange cocktail ‘till you forget you’re actually on your couch. Not the Amalfi Coast.
I like the blueberry & mint, but there’s a lot different flavor combinations to make this craft Gin & Tonic your own. 
Zoom with caution during happy hour. 
Mix with watermelon White Claw to really get your Beyonce on.
Sub “Paula’s Texas Orange” for Cointreau.
Tile Tip: Trend-Spotting

Organic Shapes: Similar to shapes we find in nature. Meaning, there’s no set rules for their boundaries and rarely a straight lined involved.

Geometric Shapes: In contrast to organic shapes, we’re also seeing perfectly straight lines or mathematically consistent curves more geometric in nature.

Muted Greens: Tranquil Dawn , UK paint brand Dulux’s color of the year for 2020.

Cane Details: Popular in the 1970s, cane and wicker details are making a comeback for 2020.

My favorite cocktail is the Cucumber Loco from The Smith, substitute the silver tequila with mezcal. For those of you quarantining in the city, you can actually order an 8oz jar for delivery . If you're riding this out in the ‘burbs like me, grab a drink from one of the easy recipes I’ve outlined above (unless of course you’re reading this at like 9am), and remind yourself that there will be a light at the end of this tunnel. Look at how far we’ve made it!

Cheers! From Your Tile (and LVT !) Girl, 
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