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Here we are on the heels of another weekend. I continue to be inspired by how far we’ve made it, and how everyone is uniting as a community to persevere. * Cue “We’re All in This Together”.. for those of you who watched the Disney Family Sing-a-Long last night *. Not only are we tapping into our own tenacity to move forward, but we’re also aware of the growing needs for those most affected. It can seem almost overwhelming to consider how to help. There’s so many different sectors, individuals, neighborhoods and businesses who need support in different ways. Where do you even start? Well first of all, I’d just like to remind you the same thing I remind myself every morning: Every bit matters. Anything you can do, even if its calling to check on someone you haven’t talked to in a while, is contributing to the healing. But if you’re looking for ways to contribute as we enter the second month of this pandemic, there are plenty of ways to help your neighbors and get involved in your community’s efforts.. and do so safely. I’m going to outline a couple quick resources that connect you with ways to help, and then close with our own COVID-19 response as Creative Materials.

LFH (Live From Home) Tip: #NEWYORKSTRONG
Not sure where to donate food? Or who among your neighbors is in need? This form will match you up with emergency food organizations/food pantries that best meet your volunteer capabilities and community needs.

Feeling antsy or powerless on how to help? This group was set up to make those connections for you – what you can provide and who can use it. By joining their team you'll get connected with a person who is experiencing hardships and has needs that match the help you can provide. 

Feed Brooklyn Heroes
Find out how to support local restaurants that are feeding local healthcare workers in Brooklyn - Here is their Instagram. And you can use this document to find the fundraisers to support these restaurants

Protective Medical Gear for Front-line Workers:
  • Pearl River Mart Masks for Docs and Nurses - Taking donations to purchase and donate FDA-certified KN95 masks directly to ICU and ER staff.
  • Mask For Docs - The New York chapter of Masks for Docs is ferrying medical supplies directly from donors to doctors using a network of motorcyclists in the five boroughs. The group started making runs on March 21st and already have more than 50 volunteer riders in New York and New Jersey.
  • PPE2NYC - The group PPE2NYC, founded and run by medical students in New York, is connecting donors with protective equipment directly to young people working in hospitals. They have six drop-off sites in Manhattan and offer pick-up service. You can set up a donation through the PPE2NYC Instagram page or on their website.
  • The Afya Foundation - Their mission is to get surplus medical supplies to underserved health care facilities. They’re coordinating donations of protective equipment to the New York area, and are asking people to donate directly to Afya’s warehouse, or call businesses like construction companies, plastic surgery centers, dentists and others to donate their own supplies. You can find more information about their operation and how to donate here.

Tile Tip: We Respond

  • Our Core Values as a company are: One Company One Team, Creativity, Client First and Care About Others. We continue to be guided first and foremost by those core values, and I can say that I have been truly moved by my company’s collective efforts to encourage each other and find creative ways to continue to put our clients first... working tirelessly to identify where we can provide the most support. You can read our company response on our website here.

  • If you’re looking for more day-to-day help as you navigate your new “home office”, remember that our Design + Sourcing team is an amazing resource. They work in both CAD and Revit, can provide pattern layouts, develop mood boards and provide specification review. If there’s anything we can take off your plate, please let me know how we can help. 

“If there is one thing New Yorkers believe about themselves, it’s that no one pulls together quite as well during a crisis.” – The New York Times.

Vigorous hand-washing, staying home and social distancing — we got that. But as the confirmed cases rise and the doors behind some businesses stay closed, we find ourselves asking if there’s anything more we can do to help. That social solidarity, New Yorkers helping New Yorkers, has not been diminished during the pandemic, and will continue to thrive at the heart of this city’s identity. I’m proud to be a part of this community with all of you!

Virtual hugs and healthy vibes, from your Tile Girl, 
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