We solve one of the most difficult challenges facing families today...caring for loved ones requiring in-home companion care and personal assistance.

How to Talk to Your Elderly Parent About Needing Help

It's a role reversal we're never truly quite ready for: You're now responsible for the parent who raised you.  

Your loved one may need help getting dressed. The person who taught you how to drive is now asking you to drive her to an appointment. You are grocery shopping for more people than just your kids. Did you remember to remind dad to take his medication?
While this may be a reality, it's still a very difficult and a sensitive subject for daughters and sons to face. Your aging parent may become fearful and quickly dismiss the idea of assistance.  
Avoiding the talk will be worse on your long-term relationship and the care needed.  

Preparing for the Progression of Alzheimer's    

The unpredictability of Alzheimer's makes an already difficult disease even harder to manage. It's hard to prepare emotionally, physically and financially when you don't truly know what to expect. Every day is different, every person with Alzheimer's presents differently, and no two caregiver journeys are alike. 
If you have a loved one who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it's essential to have a firm grasp of what's to come. Because when this person's needs eventually evolve - what will you do? 


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