Play Nice Newsletter                     December 2016
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Paint colors may be selected on preference. It is recommended that the primary, kindergarten, and preschool playgrounds use primary colors to enhance color recognition.
A colorful school playground is inviting and fun! Use "Stripers" (parking lot) paint for streets and curbs. It is the most durable outdoors on asphalt. Use a well known local paint supplier. Stripers paint is available at  Home Depot or  Lowes.
Painting Tip: Large areas like 4 square courts and multi-use circles do not require that you paint in the background of each circle or square.  This requires using a great deal of paint and does not add to play value only aesthetics.  You might consider painting in the background on smaller games and using colors to paint small squares to denote squares A, B, C and D.  This is a huge cost savings and still looks nice. (see photo).  For more tips on painting games on your playground..... more...

Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils Video

Peaceful Playgrounds Stencil Overview VideoClick on the video to see the stencils in our recess stencil package and some suggestions for a variety of games for each marking. 

Have you wondered which playground games are most popular with students?  Below is a list of our markings based on their popularity:

4 square, Longball, Basketball, Around the World, Tetherball, Multi-use Circle, Wallball, Alphabet Track, Running Track-Painted Line, KDG- Tricycle Track, Prisoner Court (VB), Skipping Track, US Map, and Beanbag Toss.