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Stress and Acupuncture

Long term stress can cause a variety of health problems and can interfere with our ability to function in our daily lives. Our family and work suffer and we can develop health problems like heart disease. A coping mechanism that it not uncommon is the increased consumption of sweets and or alcohol. Over time, stress can turn into generalized anxiety with insomnia, fatigue, worry, and irritability that does not turn off. They become our constant companions.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the root cause and solution is not to "change the way we think" but to look at the internal organs systems and find where it is out of balance. Then with acupuncture, we initiate the body's healthy "Qi" to do the function of finding balance once again. A key point to understand is that the body and the emotions will find balance as well. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the four main possible diagnoses for stress/anxiety are:

  • The Heart/Spleen imbalance: The symptoms include constant worry, insomnia, fatigue and poor appetite.
  • Kidney Qi deficiency: There is a feeling of fear and dread with fatigue and possible frequent urination. Also it is not uncommon to have cold hands and feet with possible low back and knee pain/weakness.
  • Liver Qi stagnation affecting the Spleen: Here one experiences irritability, moodiness, fatigue, muscle tension, abdominal bloating, and poor appetite.
  • Lung Qi deficiency: With this imbalance, there are feelings of sadness and at times grief.  Fatigue and aversion to speaking with an inability to "let go" also occur.

It is possible to have a combination of patterns, but the most common is that of the Heart and Spleen imbalance. 

The goal of treatment for stress and anxiety is to  find where the imbalance is occurring and then with acupuncture, strengthen and encourage the body's "Qi" to flow through its pathways to support the function of the organs and emotions.

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    Meditation as a Pathway to Health  

"The most heartbreaking thing of all is how we cheat ourselves of the present moment"
- Pema Chodron

Calming the mind through meditation is a powerful and vital tool for happiness, healthy relationships and vitality. The stresses of daily city life draw us away from our deeper sense of calm and send us spinning away by over thinking and analyzing the past, present and future.  Cutting through those discursive thoughts and refinding our center is the path of meditation. 
Listed below of some of my favorite websites offering meditations from the ancient Tibetan tradition which has developed and mastered powerful techniques to calm the mind.

You must learn to sit with the restless, painful energy and not let the momentum pull you under and cause you to do the same thing over and over that's ruining your life and the lives of those around you. - Pema Chodron
Four Ways to Keep Stress at Bay

As much as we enjoy the emerging flowers and warmer weather of April, there can be a bit of a dark cloud hanging in the spring sky. Often the first few weeks of the month are a rush of receipts and 1040's as the April 15 Tax deadline looms, and a rush of new 

schedules as the kids' sports seasons fire up. Maybe that's why April is Stress Awareness Month; to remind us to take care of ourselves, and not let stress go unchecked. 



Meditation does not have to be about pretzeled legs, chanting, and reaching enlightenment. It can simply be about creating a moment of stillness in your mind as a way to become more relaxed. Just one minute, 60 seconds of meditation, can 

dramatically improve your mood, your productivity and the quality of your day. 



It can be tough to make time for exercise when the schedule gets tight and tensions get high. But that's when it becomes even more important. Exercise can relieve the physical symptoms of stress like fatigue, pain, and moodiness. If you can't make time for daily 

workout, try to fit a 5-10 minute walk outside into some part of your day. A little goes a long way when you need it. 


Giggle and hum 

Both laughter and music can lower the blood pressure. In fact, this study in 2011 showed that 3 months of laughter or music therapy resulted in the same drop in blood pressure that could be achieved with a low-salt diet, losing 10 pounds, or taking a 

blood-pressure-lowering medication. So cue up the "Who's on first?" or dance around with your kids while making dinner and 

work some giggling and humming into your day. 



Regular massage can improve sleep, relieve headaches, reduce muscle pain, and improve moods. Plus, massage feels good. When you feel good, you play more, work more efficiently, and take better care of the people you love. Schedule a massage now to prepare for a busy (and fun) spring! 


Commit to taking care of yourself this spring! You may be surprised with the results. We have many options at ilumina to help you keep your stress levels in check; from acupuncture to massage, we also carry a wide range of aromatherapy oils and natural skin care products.

Why a Cancellation Policy is a Good Thing
At ilumina our cancellation policy states, "Cancellations or changes made within 24 hours are charges a $25 fee. Patients arriving more than 15 minutes late may need to reschedule and will be charged a rescheduling fee. For patients who do not show up for an appointment, there is a $75 fee."

You may have seen this posted on the wall in the clinic, as part of the clinic policies on one of the intake forms that you signed as a new patient, or as a reminder on all appointment emails.  

This is a good thing to have policies like this because they send a very clear message that time, whether it is ours or yours, is valued. The truth is that our practitioners are very good at what they do. They are highly specialized and unique in their training and experience, however there are only so many slots available for appointments. We want it to be fair, open, and available with no opportunities missed for anyone who wants to be treated and that is why our cancellation policy is the way it is.
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