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Financial Advisors Share Their Views on ESG Investing - A New Webinar
Join us in a free webinar on September 19 to learn how financial advisors view socially conscious and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing. Phase II of our thought leadership study on ESG is a follow-up to our quantitative research among consumers. That research, conducted by Zeldis with MarketCube and Schlesinger Associates, yielded a profile of the typical investor in ESG (young, male, urban-oriented) and uncovered barriers to ESG for non-investors, such as lack of awareness and knowledge.

Now Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios will share results from webcam focus groups conducted with financial advisors. Topics include perceived benefits and barriers to ESG investing, how advisors learn about new products, and how they talk to their clients .
Find out more about the Zeldis ESG research HERE 
Consumers & Telemedicine: New Thought Leadership Research
Telemedicine is considered a viable, convenient solution to improve health outcomes. So why hasn't it taken off as an alternative delivery source?
In a new quantitative study, Zeldis Research and Dynata report on new insights into consumer barriers, misperceptions, facilitators and triggers for telemedicine. Surveying Millennial, Gen-Xer and Baby Boomer users and non-users of telemedicine, the study explores issues such as conditions sought for help (including mental health), satisfaction levels, insurers and telemedicine providers/apps used, and differences between expected and actual costs. 
Join us for the first release of the study's findings in a  new free webinar on October 1 at 1 pm EST .
For more information and to register, click HERE.
5 Things to Increase Stakeholder Engagement: Tools & Technique
Key stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of a research project. But decision makers are not always involved early enough or at all in the actual research  process . In a new White Paper, Zeldis Senior Research Director Kathrin Schumacher describes some tools to engage stakeholders throughout the research process to ensure  each  project's success:
  1. Raise the investment of the stakeholders in the process by bringing them in to witness the research
  2. Invite stakeholders to contribute their observations to the research findings
  3. When using in-depth interviews or developing personas, employ profiling, an exercise in which observers can collectively record key ideas as the research unfolds 
  4. Have observers record what they think each respondent is feeling/seeing/saying/hearing at the end of each discussion
  5. Assist observers with organizing their thoughts by providing a listening guide to record what they hear and observe
Zeldis on the Road
The Zeldis Team will be presenting important thought leadership insights this fall about health care and research trends in the insurance industry at CRC and SIR:
Thought Leadership Research in Just Six Weeks -- at CRC
Conducting research on a tight time frame can be challenging, especially in the case of thought leadership research, which includes additional levels of review and analysis. In our presentation at the upcoming Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) in Orlando on October 22-24, Zeldis Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios will present "From Field to White Paper in Six Weeks: A Case Study in Thought Leadership Research Process Management." In the talk, he will share our recent experiences in conducting a client research project from start to finish in only six weeks, including how we used agile research tenets to plan ahead, how our client planned internally to bring multi-level stakeholders on board to share results and collect feedback, and other key takeaways to help attendees with their next quick turnaround project.

Zeldis is a CRC Sponsor! Use the promo  code CRCSPEX to get a 10% discount on registration HERE .

Zeldis is a CRC Exhibitor. Come visit Senior Account Director Fred Gaudios and Executive Vice President Amy Rey at our Booth! Let them know you'll be seeing them at: [email protected] or [email protected].
Research Trends, industry Insights and Health Care at SIR
Join us at SIR for a timely and relevant exploration of the theme "Reimagining Research to Recognize Emerging Insurance Industry Trends." Use the coupon code MBRRATE150 to register at the member rate.
Consumerization of Health Care
Zeldis Senior Research Director Jeff Mann will share the results of the recent Zeldis study exploring how consumers and physicians view FitBits and other wearables, telemedicine, consumer DNA tests, and other potential changes in health care. Join Jeff on Monday, October 21 at the SIR Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC for an incisive look at how attitudes toward and usage of these new technologies differ by generation.

Learn more about the Zeldis Consumerization of Health Care  Study HERE
Research Trends in the Insurance Industry
And also at SIR, what does the research and insights function look like within the insurance industry? A new primary research study delves into the structure of the research function within the insurance industry, how insights roles are integrated within the carrier, how success is defined and measured, pressing issues impacting the research function, and what tools and technology are being used. "Exploring the Research and Insights Function in the Insurance Industry," was conducted jointly by the Society of Insurance Research (SIR) Research Committee and Zeldis.

On October 21, Brian Kiley of West Bend Mutual, Patrice Nolan of Competiscan, and Amy Rey, Zeldis Executive Vice President, will share the results at the 2019 Annual SIR meeting in Charlotte, NC.

Learn More about SIR HERE
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