April 2018
April is…National Lawn and Garden Month!

Spring is here and it’s finally time to create the home garden of your dreams! Discover how with these stormwater savvy and waterwise solutions you NEED to know. Read more.
A #PollutionFreeMojave Starts with Community Clean-Up Days

Discover two important reasons why you should volunteer at your next community clean-up day...and more! Read more.
MRWG Awards Waterwise Superstars

These High Desert students won BIG with their waterwise science fair projects. Read more.
Calendar of Events
Community Cleanup Days

April 14
8 a.m. – noon

April 14
8:30 a.m. – noon

April 14
8 a.m. – noon 

US water ways are getting dangerously saltier

One of the first projects in LA County to capture stormwater is being built in Long Beach
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Visit the California Stormwater Quality Association’s website for the state’s leading news .  
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