Tips to Thrive

April 2015

(vol. 8, #4)

Tips for Traveling with TPN


Traveling while on TPN is possible and can be achieved safely, and with your sanity in check, if you remember a few key points...


Maintaining Proper TPN Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing TPN is 36 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintaining proper temperature during transit can be achieved by utilizing slow melt ice packs in an insulated cooler/box. When booking your hotel, verify your room will have a refrigerator. Monitoring the temperature of TPN while in transit and at your hotel can be accomplished with an electric thermometer, which can be purchased online for less than $20. 


TPN Stability

Compounded TPN becomes unstable (breaks down) over time. The most recent guidelines only guarantee stability of compounded TPN for nine days. This may be an issue for individuals traveling internationally. For extended travel abroad, a shelf stable TPN solution can be utilized. It is recommended that a patient trial this alternative prior to travel to be sure of tolerance.  

Supply Needs

Always carry at least two days of additional supplies with you to allow for travel delays.

Necessary Documentation

Ask your ThriveRx team to send a Travel Letter to your ordering MD for signature two to three weeks prior to travel. Always carry a summary of your medical information with you.


Labs During Travel

If your team feels that you need lab monitoring while away, arrange for out-of-town labs. Be aware that your insurance company may dictate what lab you can use and that most outpatient labs will not draw from a central line. 


Plane Travel Made Easy

TSA Cares assists travelers with disabilities and medical conditions. They can provide information about the screening process. For more information go to:


The airlines also have their own programs to assist passengers with disabilities. Your TPN and supplies can be brought on-board and should be packed separately from personal items, as they are not subject to a baggage fee.

What are people saying about ThriveRx:

"We survived our trip without any problems!  Thank you so much for being so supportive and helping us with the supplies and organization for our trip."                            -Michelle

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Date:  Wednesday, May 13  

Time:  1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

Traveling on IV nutrition support can be challenging. Join us to learn some tips on making it easier. 

SpeakerKristi Cole-Griggs, RN, BSN, ThriveRx Nutrition Liaison

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Washington, DC*June 17-20

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This Symposium is open to researchers, scientists and families who want to know more about mitochondrial disease. During the symposium, patients and families meet others who, like themselves, are seeking knowledge  

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Saratoga Springs, NY * June 29- July 3rd

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