Overcome your financial fears this Halloween season! October 2016 Newsletter
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A child needs their mother more than all the things money can buy. Spending time with her is the greatest gift of all.

-Ezra Benson
Success stories highlight people like you!
This month we begin a new series highlighting individuals just like you who may have struggled with their finances, but got themselves back on track.

This month's success story is about Brenda Tanjani, a mother of two who hopes to teach her children the importance of education and saving.

We hope you see that it is never too late to seek help with your finances. The staff at AAA Fair Credit is here to assist you. 

Our financial coaches, the debt management program, and our classes about budgeting and credit could be just what you need to head down the road to making your financial dreams come true.

Contact us at (801) 483-0999 or visit our website at faircredit.org to learn more.

Show mom you care without breaking the bank

Mother's Day is a few days away. Don't worry. You still have time to get her the perfect gift.

And you even have time to prepare a present that won't force you to stray from your budget.

Although there is plenty of pressure to spend on mom - and she deserves it! - remember, your mother is more interested in spending time with the ones she loves on her special day.

Click here for Mother's Day ideas

Plant a garden and see your savings grow

Spring has finally come! Time to get outdoors and plant that garden that can save you cash every year!

Whether it's tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh herbs and/or cucumbers, planting a small garden in your backyard or even on your kitchen counters can reduce your grocery bill.  

Regardless of where you live, a small garden can go a long way toward helping you and your family add some fresh veggies to your lunch and dinner plates.

All that fresh produce can also lead you down the road to eating healthier overall!


Meet Melissa Wahlberg, AAA Fair 
Credit financial counselor

Melissa Wahlberg is another member of the AAA Fair Credit staff committed to seeing people make their financial dreams come true.

A lifelong Salt Lake City resident, she has the work ethic for which Utahns are known for and knows others in the area do as well.

Click above to hear her words of comfort for those who are afraid to ask for help with their financial situations.

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