Hope your 2016 is off to a great start! We began the new year by launching a new website! Please check it out at BuddinghAssociates.com. Read the articles below to learn how your small businesses' website can compete with larger companies by being innovative and creative, in the article, "Small Businesses Can Be Big Fish In The Internet Pond" and by utilizing Google AdWords. Additionally, learn about the new Facebook at Work, Facebook’s professional complement to its social network launching soon. 
Small Businesses Can Be Big Fish In The Internet Pond
By: Jeanne M. Buddingh
The Internet is often seen as the great democratizer. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can access any information they want at any time. They can also share the information they want with ease. Businesses of all sizes make use of the same Internet to attract customers, so it’s up to small businesses to make the most of what the Internet provides. 

Putting Facebook to Work 
By: David S. Buddingh
Last month,  Reuter’s reported  that something new is coming to Facebook: work. Facebook at Work, Facebook’s professional complement to its social network, is set to launch in the next few months.

Jump to Top Spot of Search Results
By: Pepper Erdmann
Most company's goals for 2016 include finding new customers and converting them into sales. As in recent years, marketing trends for 2016 are mainly focused online.  Many will look for new ways to generate website traffic to capture leads. While it can be difficult for small businesses to rank high in organic search results compared to organizations with more resources, Google AdWords levels the playing field by allowing businesses to purchase the top spots in search results. Get on the first page of Google search results with this (PPC) Pay-Per-Click online advertising tool so your customers find you when they are looking for your product or service.

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