Based on feedback we received from you, this year we're focusing each newsletter on how to heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. We'll offer a new tip or tidbit with that topic in mind. Enjoy!
Sometimes we just want  easy  because we’re overwhelmed with  complicated  and with, frankly, DECISIONS. So often we convert  easy  to unhealthy behaviors and choices. We can sometimes coddle ourselves to our detriment. Come on, what’s hard about eating a carrot? I mean when you really break it down. Is it hard? No. Does it take prep time? No. Is it expensive or hard to come by? No. So really, it’s not about easy or time or money. It’s about avoidance of a choice. Perhaps a choice to say yes to you. We’re so programmed into self-denial and putting others first that we don’t say yes to our own needs and so we end up sick. I would implore you to practice saying yes to you. The deep inside you. The you that doesn’t get a lot of air time. The  true  you. The true you just might want a carrot! Let’s give it a carrot!
Serious case of brain fog? Fatigue? Digestive issues? This is for you, but only for those committed! Intermediate and Expert level program.

Monday, April 29th, 7-9pm
LEM Self Care Center (1706 D Street, Vancouver, WA)
Admission: $25

Intermediate level
(10% supp discount) =
$384 + workshop fee
Expert level
(15% supp discount) =
$577 (workshop waived)
Soy and dairy-free Cauliflower Crust
Oh man, is this good! We like to put chicken breast, artichoke hearts, garlic, olives, red peppers and paleo red sauce. Don't need cheese! We got this at Whole Foods. So good.